Throughout the centuries, the name has been given to manfor good reason. It had a certain meaning in it, and often predicted the fate of its bearer. Names were given in honor of the ancient gods, past events, any concepts or things.

As suggested by experts involved inthe study of names and surnames, the origin of the name Dali originates from the mythology of Georgia. According to the legends, this was the name of the goddess of hunting, who was the protector of all wild animals and dominated her lands. According to the descriptions, Dali had extraordinary beauty, and her main feature was golden hair.

Astrological characteristics of the name

the origin of the name was given

Many people assume that the name carries a certaincoded meaning of our destiny and possesses astrological force. Therefore, in ancient times, the child was given two names at birth. One he received during his baptism, which was secret and was hidden from others. The second name was divulged publicly and was considered a kind of shield from the malicious intent of ill-wishers. But no matter how you relate to all these concepts, most experts say that the name, indeed, has the power to influence the fate of a person and his character.

The sign of the Zodiac that accompanies Dali is the Virgin, because it is under the influence of the planet Mercury.

Favorable color is yellow (its drytint), ocher, and also a cold green. For each name there is a talisman in the form of stones or metal, which protects them. Dali's name protects gold and alexandrite.

The psychological matrix of the name

First, you need to understand what constitutespsychological matrix? In this case, we are talking about a certain set of abilities, inclinations and characteristics, which people get from the very birth and carry throughout their life.

The main features of the nature of the owner of the name Dali:

  • Purposefulness. As follows from history, in honor of the Georgian goddess of hunting of girls began to name its nickname - Dali. The meaning of the name in this case expresses perseverance and perseverance in achieving the goal.

  • A family. The concept of the family has been laid down in Dali since childhood, but it does not work out certain steps to create it without outside help.

  • Stability. Representatives of this name are activethe desire to become leaders, to be head and shoulders above everyone else, but internal insecurities prevent it from doing so. This causes an internal imbalance in behavior and actions. Because people who have the name Dali, almost always not stable, when making clear decisions.
  • Talent. Of course, this quality is present in everythe bearer of the name Dali. The meaning of the name is interpreted from ancient legends about the goddess who ruled the territories under her control, and, of course, had a multifaceted talent. So the girls, whose parents gave this name, begin to show themselves in different spheres from the very beginning.

The most active and influential features of the name Dali

gave the value of the name

To the fine representatives of the better half of humanity bearing this name, the following character traits are inherent:

  • artistic abilities;
  • ingenuity;
  • love of comfort;
  • sociability;
  • psychic abilities;
  • strong rod;
  • some greed;
  • strong inclination to impressions of a different kind;
  • love of power;
  • strength of spirit and at the same time a subtle soul line.

Such ambiguous qualities of nature are typical for Dali. The meaning of the name, as can be seen, largely affects the character traits of a person.

What is the first letter of Dali

name was given

The name, as well as any other word, consists ofletters that are expressed by sounds. As you know, on hearing a person sound waves can have a certain impact. Therefore, we can confidently say that the first letter in the name has its own definite meaning for the fate and character of a person.

The letter D is pronounced rigidly, which speaks ofclarity of thought and hardness of action, and this also indicates a stubbornness, a constant internal independence. As a result, such character traits lead to a reassessment of Dali's own capabilities. The meaning of the name will certainly affect fate, but it should be remembered that the child will acquire the character and his human qualities to a greater extent himself, depending on the conditions that will surround him.

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