Autumn is a beautiful time. This is a very beautiful time of year. The most interesting and amazing come the holidays in September. Among them are many professional and ecclesiastical, as well as international events. So, on September 27, Russia celebrates the day of a teacher and preschool worker. This is a professional holiday, and relatively young, because it was established in 2004. But nevertheless, it is quite popular. The main idea here is to draw attention to kindergartens, as well as other pre-school institutions.

No less interesting are other holidays in September. So, for example, on the same day the whole world is celebrating World Tourism Day, which was established in 1979, and a year later, it began to celebrate around the world. The purpose of this event is to promote the tourism industry in various countries. For several generations, Russians have been using tourist services. This is the norm of everyone's life, part of the national culture of the people.

Interesting enough to celebrate the holidays in Septemberin Russia. So, on September twenty-second, there is a world day without a car. And in Moscow on this date, the prices for travel in transport are reduced. Although the Russians do not like this day, not everyone is ready to give up a comfortable trip on their own car, even for one day. Therefore, many in Russia simply ignore this action.

What else holidays in September can be distinguishedin Russia? For example, the Day of Military Glory of Russia - the twenty-first of September is very important. It is this date that is the day when the Kulikovo battle took place in 1380. People will always remember this battle. During the battle, the patriotism of the Russian people was very clearly manifested. Our soldiers were determined and courageous, fearless and active, which is why they won.

Since 2005, Russia has had a wonderfulprofessional secretary day. It successfully complements the holidays in September. In 2012, it falls on the twenty-first day, and in general it is celebrated annually on the third Friday of the first autumn month. It is quite popular and popular profession to date. After all, there is a secretary in any company, at any enterprise. Every third Wednesday in September, Russia celebrates the day of the HR manager. In 2012, this day falls on the nineteenth. Probably not everyone knows what kind of profession this is. In fact, an HR manager is a specialist who manages personnel. In other words, it's a personnel officer. Very interesting and responsible profession, which is popular in the modern world.

A rather unusual holiday is celebrated all over the worldSeptember 19 is the birthday of the smiley. Of course, all computer users are familiar with it. With the help of a whole system of these icons people communicate on the Internet, betray their emotions.

Another day of Russia's military glory is inSeptember is the Battle of Cape Tendra. The victory in this battle was won in 1790 on September 11. We will always remember the bravery and courage of our ancestors. These people fought for our bright future.

A very bright and bright holiday takes place eachthe year of the first of September is the Day of Knowledge, a bright event for all schoolchildren and students, as well as their parents. The tradition of this holiday was the annual holding of a lesson in the world. And of course, the line, the first school bell - all this accompanies a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.

And now let's remember what are availablechurch holidays in September. The whole month, since the first of September, is filled with important holidays - this is September 11 (Golovosechenie), and September 19 (Mihailovo Miracle). The first of September is the day when the church honors the memory of the wonder-worker Seraphim of Sarov. The twenty-first of September is the Nativity of the Virgin. At the end of the first month of autumn, or rather, September 27, for the Orthodox, a special day is the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord.

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