If you can not for any reasonto build an arbor, but would like to have a place on the site for recreation in the shade, then it is worth paying attention to the garden tents. Today, such products are very popular in the form of a large tent. You can install them anywhere. They are different in form, size, price, etc. The main thing is to choose the model that best meets your requirements.

Garden tents - choice

garden awnings
The garden awning will be a perfect protection against the sunor rain. With its help, you can arrange a picnic on a hot summer day, or take it with you to the sea or a river. Such a tent will serve also for hiding the car, perfectly replacing the canopy, as well as for other purposes. Thus, in the event that the tent is purchased for rest, then you should choose a closing product with transparent windows. Do not forget to think about the mosquito net, with its help, even in nature you will be comfortable. Expect the optimal size of such a product depending on the company that is going to be assembled, so that no one is cramped. A good option in this case will be Green Glade - a new generation garden awning. It is made of quality material, durable and comfortable and large. Use such a tent-tent can be at exhibitions or fairs.

Quality of purchase

When choosing such a garden detail, a special role should be given to quality. Be sure to unfold the awning and look at the material from the

green glade awning
which it is made of. Pay attention to the thread, because they can be cheap and quickly torn. Also check the seam, it should be sturdy and reliable. Look at the place where the canopy was folded and bent so that there was no dark strip, which probably will not be washed. It is better to buy garden tents of dark tones, because they are not so noticeable dirt and dust. Pay attention to how the product is sewn. If the line is made unevenly or there are defects in it, the water may fall into the can under rain.

Frame test

awning for a garden swing
When buying a canopy, be sure to checkthe frame on which it will be installed. As it can act a wooden structure, plastic or metal. In any of these cases, you should check the frame for the absence of any scratches, chips, jags and other damages. All this can cause a short life of the tent. A big plus will be the presence of additional components in the set that can become a substitute in case of breakdown of the main elements.

Price for garden tents

The cost of such products is different. You can buy a tent for 1500 rubles, however, it will not last more than one season, because basically it is a flimsy design. If its value is more than 7000 rubles, it will be more reliable and will last for more than one year. However, it is also necessary to carefully check its design and material. In addition, it should be treated gently and accurately. Today, there are many variants of such constructions, from which one can make a qualitative choice. There is even an awning for the garden swing, which will protect from the sun. Today it is very popular, your holiday will not be overshadowed either by the scorching sun or sudden rain.

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