A modern invention - a marquee for a dacha with a mosquito net - is necessary for every summer resident. It will save you and your loved ones from the scorching summer heat, and at night you will save from obsessive mosquitoes.

tent dacha with mosquito netting

The garden tent is fairly stablemetal construction, consisting of pipes with a diameter of not more than two centimeters, which are covered with two layers of powder paint. To the ground everything is fixed with the help of special pegs, which are included in the kit. The metal frame is easily assembled in a matter of minutes, just as quickly you can pull a bright awning made of synthetic fabric that will protect you not only from the scorching sun, but also from a summer shower. And the mosquito net will be completed, which will save from insects and make your rest quiet and comfortable. These "tents" are quite spacious and can accommodate up to ten of your relatives and friends. Tent for cottages with mosquito nets can become your dining room or "living room", where you can relax, hiding from the bright summer sun. In addition, this design is perfect for companies of friends who want to have a picnic outside the city. Such products are now produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers, and you can buy them at very reasonable prices.

garden tent
Today, a lot ofvarious models of such constructions, with some of them we will get acquainted today. For example, a tent-tent with a grid of Green Glade. Its area is nine square meters, height - two and a half meters. The frame consists of metal tubes with a diameter of twenty-five and nineteen millimeters. There is a waterproof awning and a mosquito net, which is located on the walls of the tent. Compact enough packaging, which easily fits into the trunk of a car, the weight of the entire structure - 11 kg.

Probably, no one will argue that to reston the nature is much more pleasant when there is an opportunity to hide from suddenly poured rain, wind or powerful attacks of malicious insects. For this purpose, a marquee tent with a mosquito net "Metles-1" is designed. This is a prefabricated metal frame on which a waterproof fabric tent with insets of quality mosquito is put on. The structure has a height of two and a half meters, weight - about 25 kg. Light and air easily penetrate through the grid. But for annoying mosquitoes it will become an insurmountable obstacle.

awning tent with mesh
Modern tent for cottages with a mosquito netis compact enough, has a small weight, is easily assembled. Usually such designs, unlike tents, do not have a floor, which significantly reduces their weight. Although, if desired, installing such a tent in the country, you can use for laminate flooring laminated plywood or make a wooden flooring. It can be covered with carpet.

Tents, awnings or arbors will decorate your dacha,will create comfort and comfort on the plot. You can always invite friends and celebrate a family celebration with comfort and comfort right in the garden. You can be calm - the ubiquitous mosquitoes will not bother you.

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