Discussion on the topic: "Can pregnant women drink wine?"- continues for more than a decade and each side has its own arguments proving their rightness. Those who claim that wine during pregnancy can be argued by the presence in the product of a large number of different amino acids and vitamins. However, in qualitative grape juice, they are not less, but alcohol is absent. After all, there is practically no direct evidence that even a small dose will not harm the fetus. But the fact that not alcohol itself, but the products of its decay cause the developing child to have a hangover, it is scientifically proven. In addition, the arguments that friends, neighbors, etc. have. healthy children were born, despite the fact that during pregnancy mother allowed herself to drink, they were untenable. Infringements can be shown to years to 7, that is when the child will go to school and at it so-called hyperactivity will be shown. To connect this with the fact that the fetus received alcohol in the womb of the mother, it is rather difficult, but it is during the early stages of pregnancy that the basic elements of the organism, including the brain, are laid. Whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink wine or other alcohol, for example beer, to decide, of course, only to parents, but it is still necessary to think about this.

Some say that drinking wine in small dosesadvised the doctor. Why is it considered that in this way it is possible to improve blood counts, in particular to increase hemoglobin. But there are many other safer means to cope with this problem. And indeed small doses are unlikely to have any therapeutic effect, and in large - no doctor would advise. And there is a different view of small doses. Doctors do not recommend eating more than 50 grams of dry red wine in two weeks. For someone and a daily glass for dinner is considered a small dose, but this can cause addiction and further alcoholization.

It is also believed that if a pregnant woman wants something,then this is what it lacks in the body and it is necessary to satisfy these needs without fail. Therefore, when answering the question: "Is it possible for pregnant women to drink wine?", The majority is inclined to answer "Yes." This is mainly due to the fact that the forbidden fruit is very sweet. In order not to heat up the situation and satisfy the needs of a pregnant woman, one can go on a trick. For example, organize a sortie in some quiet restaurant, taking the best friend and order some good wine. Nothing terrible will happen if the pregnant woman takes a few small sips. Everything else will make a pleasant atmosphere for communication, music and a sense of satisfaction. In addition, a pregnant woman will feel that she is not divorced from the world around her, despite some limitations. In many cases, this is much more important than a really small dose of quality wine.

Is it possible to drink wine? - The question is certainly ambiguous. Now appeared not only non-alcoholic beer, but wine. But how safe it is to speak is very difficult. However, the usual high-quality wine can also be difficult to find. Therefore, before deciding to drink a glass of wine, you need to weigh the degree of risk to yourself and the future child. It is not so difficult to abstain for only nine months. Then, perhaps, the period of breastfeeding will follow, when it is undesirable, but communication with the baby will more than pay off all your "deprivations".

Whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink wine, parents will decide, butit would still be better if they both came to a mutual agreement to give it up. After all, no one drinks young children with beer or wine, but gives them juices and milk. It will be very good if the spouse will support the spouse in this matter and also refuses alcohol, the family will go for good, especially since she has to do a lot of things in anticipation of the baby.

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