Adaptation in psychology - the ability of anyThe organism adapts itself to new conditions and the environment. In this period, many physical and mental forces go away. This process takes place in all individually, and in many ways depends on the personal qualities of a person.

adaptation in kindergarten
Adaptation in the kindergarten of a young childcan take place in different ways. If he gets used to the new situation after 1-2 weeks, then it is considered easy. Normally, this process takes up to 2 months. If the child gets used to kindergarten more time, then it is a question of complex adaptation. In this case it is better to seek help from a psychologist.

It is easier to adapt in kindergarten to children inaged 3-4 years. However, not all parents have the opportunity to spend so much time at home with a child. Therefore, most often acquaintance with the kindergarten takes about 2 years.

The choice of preschool is worth consideringvery seriously. You can talk with caregivers and listen to the feedback of parents whose children visit the garden they like. It is necessary to observe the situation from the outside, as the general atmosphere in the team is also very important.

If possible, you should stop at preschool near the house, so the child will not tire the road, and you will have the opportunity to sleep in the morning for a little more time.

In the presence of some diseases in the baby hisit is better to give it to a specialized kindergarten, where specialists work. In such institutions, the necessary classes and medical procedures are carried out.

adaptation in psychology
Adaptation in the kindergarten will be less painful if the child is prepared, and the new conditions will not make big changes in his usual life.

Psychologists advise starting to teach children a few months before the first visit. Such training consists in the following:

1. It is necessary to teach the child to live according to the regime of kindergarten. So it will be easier for him to wake up in the morning. Also, special attention should be paid to the time of daytime sleep.

2. The child will be easier if he knows how to keep a spoon, and his diet is close to the menu of the kindergarten. Seeing the usual food on the plate, he will eat with great pleasure.

3. In the rest, it is also worthwhile to teach the son or daughter to be independent: ask and even sit down on the pot, dress and take shoes.

4. The child should be able to communicate and get acquainted. To help the baby, you can often visit the playgrounds where his peers play. Common games with them allow the child to easily find a common language with children in the future.

5. The baby's health must be strengthened. Often children in kindergarten, starting to attend, often get sick. This is due to the new viruses they face. A significant influence and stress. It can reduce immunity.

children in kindergarten
Adaptation in kindergarten can also be accompanied by a change in the behavior of the home. The child becomes capricious and refuses to do the usual things. Scold him for it is not necessary.

During this period it is necessary to try to spend more time with the child so that he feels that his parents love him, and visiting the kindergarten is just entertainment.

If the baby does not tolerate the moment of parting with his mother, then dad or grandmother can take him or take him away.

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