Before you opened a new time - waiting timethe kid. This time is very exciting, as the future mother overcomes a lot of questions about lifestyle, nutrition and, of course, caring for yourself. One of the most common questions: "Can pregnant women dye their hair?" Before pregnancy, most women often dye their hair, experimenting with their image. If you radically change the color of your hair, for example, from dark to light, then once every few weeks you need to tint up the overgrown hair roots. And now, when the whole habitual way of life has turned over, it is necessary for ourselves to decide whether it is possible for pregnant women to dye their hair? Why not dye your hair pregnant? Why does such a question arise? Indeed, is it harmful for pregnant women to dye their hair? Unequivocal answer to these questions you are unlikely to find, but it's worth trying. Let's understand.

So, is it harmful for pregnant women to dye their hair? Some "experts" believe that through the blood vessels of the head, the paint can penetrate the mother's body and cause harm to her and her baby. This is absolute nonsense, without even the slightest scientific justification. No studies and experiments that would reliably confirm the harmfulness of hair coloring for the future mother and her baby were not carried out. However, the fact that the paint contains various chemicals, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, is not in anyone's doubt. And the fact that these substances have a negative effect on our health is also certain. Virtually all paints, except for natural, have a specific, rather sharp, odor. Breathing it during staining can harm the baby. A pungent smell can also cause a nausea. In addition, during pregnancy, the woman's hormonal background changes and the staining can cause allergy, even if before that you were always painted only with this paint and there were no aleergic reactions. And the paint can simply not take on your "pregnant" hair, or the color will be very different from what you expected. So why not dye your hair pregnant? Well, why not? And what about the natural colors - henna and basma and various shade balms? This is a real solution for those who constantly dye their hair. Henna and basma, in addition to coloring hair, also treat it. Toned balms, such as "Irida" and "Tonic" are presented in stores in a wide range. Surely they are well acquainted with those girls who make toning after bleaching hair. They dye their hair, causing less damage to their health, rather than persistent paint. The only minus of the coloring balms is the short-term result, after 6-8 washings the color significantly dims and needs to be updated. But you will not be nervous, thinking about the dangers of paint for the baby, since the coloring balms are absolutely harmless. Can pregnant women dye their hair? It seems that you can. Just remember that in everything you have to observe the measure, including the security measure.

If you do not want the whole pregnancytint hair, then this can be easily avoided and at the same time look great. How to do it? If your dyed hair is very different from your natural shade, just paint them in a shade of hair that is as close as possible to the natural color. So you will avoid constant tinting of the roots and will always have a beautiful shade of hair.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women to dye their hair is a question,to which every woman expecting a child must answer herself. Weigh everything "for" (I'll look at all "one hundred") and "against" (it may hurt my child) and decide whether to dye your hair or wait a little for the sake of the baby's well-being.

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