With the onset of the summer season, everyone is eager for nature. Someone is traveling with the whole family to the dacha, someone is going with friends to a picnic in the forest, the lake or the river.

Garden awning with mosquito netting

Unfortunately, nature does not always pamper usnice little money. Despite the assurances of weather forecasters, bad weather can collapse at the most inopportune moment. Awning with a mosquito net in this case will be especially necessary. Yes, and in hot weather it is pleasant to rest on its graceful shadow, especially since the descending mosquito net protects against importunate insects.

A garden awning with a mosquito net is not onlything for a comfortable holiday in nature, but also an excellent solution for the design of the suburban area or the territory of a country house. In the folded state, it does not take up much space, and when installed, unlike a stationary gazebo, it does not require any construction work, it is enough simply for an even ground platform. You can gather and disassemble it in a short period of time, literally in 15 minutes. In fact, such a shelter is a portable arbor, which usually fits well into the garden landscape.

Awning with a mosquito net

Modern awnings are made ofhigh-quality materials. The basis of the product is a strong metal frame, over which a coating of strong waterproof fabric is pulled. Designs are designed to ensure that, if properly installed, a tent with a mosquito net could withstand gusts of strong wind.

The range of these lightweight portable devicesso great that the problem with buying a tent is only one - among the variety of proposals to choose the best option, that is, high-quality, convenient, reliable and inexpensive.

For the suburban area it is recommended to choose a stable awning with a heavy metal structure that will withstand the bad weather and a gusty wind.

For hikes and trips to nature, you canto buy a mosquito net tent, having a lightweight construction. In this case, every sensible person will prefer a portable, lightweight folding tent with a small weight that can be put into the trunk of the car.

Awning with a mosquito net

For a comfortable holiday in nature, many touristschoose a tent with a mosquito net "Traveler". This is a classic closed type model with mesh fabric walls on a fiberglass tube frame. Two walls of four have zippers. To cover the canopy is used impregnated with a special water-repellent composition, which also serves as a good protection against wind and dust. The fabric does not burn under the sun's rays and for a long time retains its original elegant appearance.

The awning with a mosquito net provides an effectiveprotection from rain and wind, scorching sun rays and stinging insects. It is an easy, mobile, easy-assembling design, durable enough to serve its owner for many seasons. Awnings can be used for various purposes, and a large assortment of them allows you to choose among a variety of shapes, designs, sizes and colors.

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