In the summer, when every gnat attacks populatedpoints and places of rest, people have to flee from her molestation and painful bites, using all sorts of protection against insects. Tents with mosquito nets are one of the main methods of safety. Today they are very popular with Russian buyers, and therefore experts do their best to make such tents available in a wide range.

Appointment of tents with mosquito nets

tents with mosquito netting
Tents with mosquito nets are used by all: hunters, fishermen, holidaymakers on the nature, summer residents, tourists, etc. In general, these comfortable installations find their application in all spheres of activity, as they are compactly folded and packed into a hand bag, and by the strength of an adult they can easily be transferred to another place. And, nevertheless, if in your arsenal there are two or more tents, it is better to transport the marching arsenal by means of transport.

What are the tents

Tents with mosquito nets are presented onconsumer market square and hexagonal, you can also choose the tent to your liking and the right size. They are inexpensive, so they can buy any average buyer. Even very simplified models perfectly perform their basic function to protect against the penetration of various insects.

How many people can fit in the tent

Tents with mosquito nets, as a rule, are made not very large, but they are quietcan fit from 5 to 8 people and another small table and chair. The use of such tents provides recreation in nature at times more comfortable. And most importantly, you will always have a reliable corner where you can hide from sun rays and annoying mosquitoes.

tent 3x3 with mosquito net

Tent 3x3

The 3x3 tent with a mosquito net is convenientmobile design, performing the functions of the kitchen, awning with walls, a small cottage in the garden. Your tent will prevent direct hit of scorching sun rays, rain and penetration of different midges. The construction of such a reliable house is very simple: it has a pyramidal shape, and the frame consists of steel pipes, which increases its strength. The walls are made of two layers - a mosquito net and polyester, which means that you will not be afraid of even the strongest wind. The device is fixed to the ground by strong tension ropes and fixed with steel pegs.

Tent hexagonal with mosquito net

Tent, hexagonal

The tent is hexagonal with a mosquito netexactly the same functions as the rest of the tents. The only thing that distinguishes it from other species is its size. Usually the weight of this device in assembled form exceeds 20 kg, the packaging parameters are approximately 1350x250x250 mm. Its main advantage is a high ceiling, reaching a height of 2.5 meters, which allows a tall person to stand in full growth. Also, a tent on a steel frame can be fully used as a gazebo for the joy of your children. The main thing is that during the game they will not be bothered by insects and burn their sun scorching rays. At the end of the rest, you will easily assemble the design and load it into the car.

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