Since April 21, 2013 in Russia regularly celebrateDay of local government. The decree was signed by the president in early 2012. The story says that in 1785 Catherine II issued a Diploma, thanks to which the development of a law on the independent resolution of regional issues by local authorities was initiated. The day of local self-government in Russia plays a very important role in the life of the country, as it emphasizes the need for regional organizations, unites the city's residents.

What activities are taking place on this day?

The day of local self-government is celebrated all withoutexcept for educational institutions. Especially this event is given attention in schools. Patriotic events, meetings with deputies and other representatives of the authorities, communication with veterans are held. This is to ensure that the younger generation does not feel indifferent to their country, the children are taught to correctly understand and comprehend the significance of making independent decisions.

day of local self-government

On the day of local self-government practicefree visit to official organizations, a person at any time can personally communicate with a representative of power, ask questions of interest. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the normative documents.

Action plan

Day of local government isa significant event, to which you need to prepare in advance, draw up a plan and a scenario. Each city, the organizations of the municipal entity prepare an individual plan. It usually includes sports and recreational activities (relay races, crosses and the like), contests for knowledge of the history of your city / region, exhibitions, performances of creative teams, conducting classes of lessons devoted to this topic, and so on. The day of local self-government will be incomplete without summing up, awarding the winners, a festive concert and a congratulatory program.

day of local government


Holding any event is impossible withoutwriting a script. What should it include? Leaders are needed who will spend most of the time on stage, read poems dedicated to the city, announce the performances of the participants of the event. It is necessary to receive in advance information about what numbers are prepared for this event in order to distribute them evenly throughout the whole performance, thus keeping the attention and interest of the viewer who came to the Local Government Day. The script should be as interesting and varied as possible. Representatives of local self-government bodies are not enough. Necessarily the presence of dance and vocal numbers, the performance of small actors. To finish the event it is necessary to present Honorary Letters, thanks, gifts and song composition, loved and familiar to all. It is necessary that the celebration be remembered, improved the mood for the audience, filling them with positive and proud for their hometown.

day of local self-government in Russia

Day of local self-government in general schools

As mentioned earlier, this holiday is necessaryin educational institutions in order to attract young people, to interest them in the life of society, the city. It is necessary to inform the younger generation that patriotism is an important feature of every person. It is a love for one's homeland, a readiness to defend the country, defend its interests at any moment. All these qualities, united in one concept, bring up this holiday for the younger generation.

An obligatory component of any celebration inschools is a great hour. Teachers are responsible for organizing this event. At the class hour the teacher tells the story of the holiday, why it is needed and important for society. Often at such events class leaders invite people who have interesting and informative information on this issue. In our case, it can be representatives of local government or veterans.

Migrations and competitions are mandatory, where, as a result of healthy competition, the best player is subsequently determined who receives a reward.

local government day script

Also in the festive program include thematic skits, reading poems. An interesting holiday will surely be remembered for all children, will introduce them to something new, previously unknown.

Congratulations on the Day of Local Self-Government

It is very important to choose the right words for congratulations, which will find a response in the soul of every resident of the city. When composing a speech, it is necessary to focus on the following aspects:

  • The introduction, which should be sincere and set people in a positive way;
  • note the special importance of self-government in the life of the city;
  • it is necessary to focus attention on the fact that it is citizens, their initiative and activity that are the main criteria for making decisions concerning the vital activities of the region;
  • to convey to the listeners the idea that it is the close interaction of local authorities and city residents that will bring positive changes in the life of this region.

After the holiday, dedicated to the Day of Local Self-Government, people (especially the younger generation) should have a sense of community and pride for their prosperous region.

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