Everyone knows that chocolate is not just a product,which saturates our body with energy, helping it to function normally. This is a special delicacy, which is impossible to not love. It is respected in both adults and children.

And today it is difficult to imagine an advertisement that would cause more positive emotions even for the most serious client than chocolate with the customer's logo. A small slab will cost quite inexpensively, but it will help to form a positive opinion about the company. Production Shoko.ru be sure to be remembered by the client with excellent taste and unusual packaging.

chocolate with logo

Flawless corporate style

It's no secret that companies that care aboutown image, first of all try to increase the quality of service and create maximum comfort for the customers. And just in this invaluable service can provide sweet presents with a corporate logo. First of all, such an advertising course will be useful for cafes, hotels, other similar institutions. Chocolate, made in a corporate style, will be a pleasant surprise for guests. But not only. Will help branded sweets and attract potential customers at all sorts of seminars, exhibitions, when holding promotions. And inside the company, presents to employees on the occasion of the holiday, supplemented with chocolates with their own logo, undoubtedly help to strengthen the corporate spirit.

Moreover, "Shoko.ru" offers products of premium quality, made in the best Belgian traditions and on high-end equipment.

chocolate with logo


The choice of the customer is provided with a wide variety of packaging and a wide range of flavors:

  • Tiles of 5 grams:

- The packaging is made of cardboard, this solutionis simple and practical. On the surface it is possible to put the logo of the company and decorate with a volumetric pattern, gold embossing, and a congress. Bitter chocolate (70.1%) is sold at a price of 6.5 rubles when ordering 20,000 pieces. and more to 20.2 rubles for one tile when ordering from 1000 to 2000 pcs., and dairy and dark (33 and 60% respectively) - from 5.7 rubles at an order of 20 000 pcs. and more to 19.4 rubles. for 1 pc. when purchasing from 1000 to 2000 pcs. When ordering an image (bas-relief) or a logo on the tile itself, it is required to order a minimum of 10 thousand pieces.

colored chocolate with logo

- Packaging from label coated paper. Products are made, based on the individual desires of the customer. Chocolate, produced from high-quality Belgian raw materials, has an unrivaled taste. Its demand among visitors to your company will always be high. Vase with high-quality chocolate on the reception desk or in the reception area will not go unnoticed. Small tiles will also be very useful for a large-scale event. Bitter chocolate costs 5.4 (more than 20 000 pcs.) - 23.4 rubles / pcs. (from 50 to 100 pcs.), and dairy - in 4.6 (more than 20 000 pcs.) - 22.6 rubles / pcs. (from 50 to 100 pieces). If there is an image (bas-relief) or a logo on the tile itself, it is required to place an order for at least 10 thousand pieces.

- Color Chocolate made to order with logo. Such products, which are compactsize, easily fit into the client's pocket and will remind him of your company. White chocolate costs from 9.6 to 20 rubles per tile, and with the taste of lemon, cappuccino, strawberry, caramel, honey or orange - from 11.6 (when ordering more than 20 thousand pieces) to 22 rubles. for tiles (with the purchase of 100 to 200 tiles).

  • Tiles of 20 grams.

- The quality of such chocolate is always on top,because "Shoko.ru" produces and delivers it. The benefit is obvious - minimal margins and excellent taste. Depending on the order quantity, 1 bitter chocolate bar (70.1% cocoa beans) will cost from 14.5 (if you purchase 15 thousand or more) to 34 rubles (when ordering 50-100 pieces). Milk chocolate, in which 33% of the cocoa beans, costs from 12.5 (15 thousand or more pieces) to 32 (for 500-100 tiles) rubles per 1 pc. We accept orders for the design of the logo on the tile. The minimum batch in this case is 5 thousand pieces. The manufacture will take from four weeks. The foil can be gold or silver. The opportunity is offered to decorate it with embossing, foil, printing with Pantone flowers. Another original solution is colored chocolate. Orange, white, green, pink tiles will impress customers of all ages with their taste.

Not less popular is chocolate withthe customer's logo in tiles weighing 9, 12, 15, 60, 80, 100 and 300 grams. Packing options are optional. You can stay on spectacular coated paper or solid cardboard. In any case, such chocolate is made to order will not go unnoticed by customers.

Products offered by the company "Shoko.ru ", will satisfy the interests of any business, whether it is large-scale or just beginning its development. The tile of the delicacy loved by all will allow to defuse the atmosphere during serious business negotiations and will give a good mood to the customers of your firm.