Serov Mechanical Plant - largeindustrial enterprise of Russia. It was founded on November 1, 1931. Previously, as a separate workshop, it was part of the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant. Initially, he produced products for the aviation, railway and agricultural industries. In the postwar period, it began to produce tools for geological exploration and became the largest producer in the country in this industry.

OAO "Serov Mechanical Plant" territoriallyis located in the industrial center of Severouralsk region - the city of Serov. The developed transport infrastructure of the city allowed the plant to quickly take the leading positions in the industry and actively interact with customers and partners.

Serov Mechanical Plant

Products of the factory

Now the range of products of the plantis a tool for oil production and mining, geological exploration. Also, the plant includes a sewing workshop - the youngest structural unit. It was founded in 1999. Designs and produces working, sports and casual clothes, bedding.

The drilling tool of the plant annually receives positive feedback from consumers and customers.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Serov Mechanical Plant" is actively cooperating with Russian research institutes in developing and introducing new product samples.

The production of the plant is regulated by the quality system of GOST ISO 9001 at all stages - from the incoming inspection of used materials to the final shipment of equipment to customers.

oao serov mechanical plant

Equipment and technologies

Serov Mechanical Plant usesproduction of modern advanced technologies of ionic nitriding, heat treatment of small parts, hardening of threads, friction welding of dissimilar materials, hot volumetric and cold sheet punching, high-precision electroerosion treatment, applies galvanic and paint coatings.

In 2011, the plant was seriously upgradedmachine park - new equipment was installed for the processing of metal shavings, automated lines for phosphating and machining casings for civilian products were put into operation. Also, fifteen CNC machines were installed.

Fyup Serov Mechanical Plant

Serov Mechanical Plant: Corporate Culture

The plant is well developed and supportedsocial sphere. Serov Mechanical Plant traditionally pays great attention to the company's corporate culture and human resource management. The plant owns its own ski base "Snowflake", where in the winter, planters can relax. The traditional event was the Day of Health, which is held on a ski base, on an annual basis.

The plant actively promotes a healthy lifestyle. There is a sports program, which includes competitions in swimming, tennis, bowling, football, streetball, volleyball, chess.

The plant annually participates in the Konzhakovskiy Mountain Running Marathon - a severe endurance test in extreme mountain conditions.

The plant has an adaptation program for new employees and young professionals.

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