Methods of personnel management are methods of influenceto the collective as a whole and to specific employees to coordinate and plan their activities in the production process. There are three main groups of methods: administrative, economic and socio-psychological management methods.

The first group of methods is based on the application ofpower and the establishment of strict discipline. Economic methods are based on the use of economic laws. Socio-psychological methods of personnel management are based on the correct and understandable motivation of employees. In simple terms, these are methods of "carrot", "carrot" and "persuasion".

Administrative methods. Do not think that the administrative method -bad and irrational. On the contrary, it is based on a clear understanding by employees of their goal, the establishment of labor discipline, a culture of work, a sense of duty and responsibility. Any order of the higher management must be carried out strictly in accordance with the regulations. Personal initiative is not welcome. Organizational impact includes organizational and methodological instruction, organizational regulation and regulation. Norms are present in any kind of activity of the organization. The incoming information is strictly standardized.

Economic methods. The basis of economic methods -technical and economic planning. Such planning determines the program of the organization's activities. The management approves certain plans, which are subsequently communicated to line managers of structural divisions. Each division has its current plan and its target plan. Economic management methods are very in demand in the modern world, where the market system of management prevails. The complex interaction of the system of profits, losses, prices and demand creates the prerequisites for the creation of an effective and flexible management system of the organization. The main goal of economic methods is to mobilize the personnel of the enterprise to achieve the planned results.

Socio-psychological management methodsbased on the system of personal characteristics of staff, teamwork, social needs, etc. Socio-psychological methods of managing the organization are very specific: their basis rests on the laws of sociology and psychology, the interests of the individual, the collective, the group. There are two large groups of methods: socio-psychological management methods aimed at groups of people and socio-psychological management methods aimed at the identity of a particular employee.

This classification is very conditional, since inthe collective is not isolated, it necessarily belongs to a group, carrying out joint work with other employees of the enterprise or firm. Sociological methods allow us to identify key figures in the team, to ensure the resolution and prevention of conflict situations in the team, etc. These methods are among the main tools for working with the team, because, thanks to them, it is possible to obtain optimal data for the selection, placement, evaluation, training of personnel.

For example, questioning, as the most massivea survey of staff, allows you to identify a huge layer of information. An interview will require additional training and a highly qualified interviewer, but as a result, the necessary information will be received again. To analyze the psychological atmosphere in the team, it is best to use the sociometric method. This method is based on building a matrix of personal contacts between people and identifying leaders. The method of observation allows you to determine the hidden qualities of employees, which manifest themselves only in force majeure. Interview is indispensable for employment, negotiations and educational events.

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