Transportation services - this is one of the mostdeveloped areas, which is constantly growing due to increased demand for it. Judge for yourself: people always needed services to transport large-sized items, or even simply to deliver goods over long distances. Refuse to work with a company that specializes in this, no online store can. The same goes for the various restaurants and cafes that send orders to their customers at lunchtime.

What is there to say - ordinary citizens constantlysomething is sent and received with the help of private delivery services, as they work faster and more efficiently than the state structure "Russian Post". It is because of these factors and there is such a kind of services, like delivery.

Today we will talk about a company thatcan rightly be called one of the market leaders. It has a rich history, vast experience of activity and at the same time provides a wide range of services to its customers. The company, which will be devoted to this article, is called "Business Lines". Reviews about the company, information about the service itself, as well as some information about the payment for services of this company, we will present in this article.

"Business lines" payment interrupt which means

general information

And we will start, of course, with the presentation of thissubject of economic activity. So, as noted by the reviews describing the company "Business Line" reviews, its activities began back in the distant 2001. Then the delivery service provided services for the transportation of goods for companies and for the delivery of any goods - for individuals.

During this time, the company managed to establishan efficient transport and logistics chain that allows delivery of goods as soon as possible to any point located on the territory of the Russian Federation. In parallel, the company developed into a real network, which (to date) includes more than 120 offices. All of them work with 1500 localities of our country, where the client can order the delivery of their cargo. Finally, in order to work all this giant mechanism, the delivery service operates about 4 thousand cars of different carrying capacity. Concerning employment, it should be noted that in the company the staff consists of 20 thousand employees. The figures are impressive, is not it?

payment for goods

The services

What does "Business Lines" offer to its customers?

First of all, these are any types of delivery. Regardless of who will be paid for the goods (for the sender or the recipient, there is no difference), the company is ready to perform for you air transportation, freight delivery, transport in containers, send a private car, carry out delivery of both small and large cargo , and even deliver to another country. Such a complex of services indicates that the company has its own solutions for any customer problems. Accordingly, by contacting here, you will be sure that the goods you are going to receive or ship will be delivered on time.

In addition, we can say about optionalservices. These include, in particular, the packing of the cargo, its proper storage, clearance and other tasks that one way or another will face the client. Run them at the highest level you will help in the company "Business lines."

"Business lines" status blocked on payment


Most companies that implementdelivery of cargoes, assume carrying out of calculation with the client in a cash form. Typically, this happens when the goods are shipped or when it is received. It all depends on which of the parties is paying for the goods. In this regard, the company that we characterize has succeeded somewhat, giving its customers the opportunity to make an independent choice of the method of calculation. This option is available in the personal account, which is created individually for each user.

In it, in particular, the history of allorders, which the client did. In order to pay for each of them, it is enough to press one button ("Pay") and choose a convenient calculation method for you. This can be, in particular, bank cards Visa or MasterCard.

If you pay for freight services, yourthe funds will be accepted by the company "Business lines" even without the need to go there live. This approach makes the service very convenient for the sender, allowing you to monitor all your shipments online.

Online Tools

"Business lines" payment

In fact, this is not all the features of the service,making it more comfortable to use. There is also, for example, a functional for cargo tracking. If, for example, the payment for the delivery of goods has already been made, you can see in real time, where your parcel is located, at what stage of the movement, and when it will be delivered to the final destination.

This service is especially useful to the recipient, because he can also make sure that his purchase is really on the way and will arrive after a certain period of time.

Payment blocking

For users who sellthings on the Internet, there is also another interesting mechanism to protect yourself and provide all the necessary guarantees to your buyer. It is called "blocking by payment" from the company "Business lines". What this status means, and how it works, read on.

payment for delivery of goods

We will explain best on a concrete example. Suppose you are selling your mobile phone. You have found a buyer, but, alas, neither he nor you want to make concessions first: he does not want to send money in advance, and you do not want to, similarly, send him a phone. How to be in this situation? For this, the "Business lines" service has a payment lock, which means that it is possible to prohibit the delivery of goods to the recipient until a certain point.

Speaking of our example, it looks like this: you, as a seller, send the phone, but forbid the company to issue the goods to the buyer. He, in turn, comes to the receiving point and starts to inspect the goods. This "live" acquaintance with the goods is interested, probably, at least 90% of buyers. Thanks to him, you can make sure that the goods are really working, that it corresponds to the description and all technical parameters. Next, the buyer sends money to your card, and you call the "Business Line". The blocking on payment (which means the same prohibition) is removed, and the person takes his goods. This is how this protective mechanism works.

Feedback on "blocking"

As the reviews characterizing the "Businessline ", the status" Blocking on payment "implies the possibility to conduct the transaction as safely as possible for both the buyer and the seller.The first, in this case, does not acquire a" cat in a sack ", but actually sees its parcel and has the right even to hold it in The second does not have to worry about the honesty of the buyer and knows for sure that without payment he will not take the parcel.This is mutual benefit.

proof of payment

However, in addition to the laudatory, among the reviews about thismechanism can be found and negative comments. For example, there are situations when, for some unknown reason, the "Business lines" company is removed from the payment lock (which means unilateral cancellation of this option). In this case, the situation becomes similar to the collusion between the person who is the buyer of the goods, and the employee of the delivery service. At least, differently to explain such phenomena (which are described on several sites) it is impossible.

the confirmation

As already noted, in order for the lock(prohibition) was withdrawn, it is necessary that the sender confirm the payment made by the recipient. To do this, in turn, he must contact the company and give them an oral confirmation of the payment. In fact, you simply inform the operator that you would like to remove the lock on the specified shipment (being its sender, which you also have to confirm).

Such a message is fixed, after which immediatelyis sent directly to the issuing point where the parcel is currently located. After processing such a message, it is issued to the recipient and the transaction is actually completed.

Many users working with the service,ask about what is the proof of payment. We answer: for you, as for the seller, such will be the display of the funds received on the balance of the card or payment system in which the settlement is made. As for the company that provides transportation services, for it such confirmation is your message about the desire to remove the parcel from the parcel and give it to the recipient.


In fact, you can find out for yourself inwhat status is your package now. This is done using the same online tracking tool that was mentioned above. It works very simply: you must specify the number of the consignment note of your parcel in a special field, after which you will see a full extract with the information about the cargo. The status of the parcel will be indicated here. Sometimes, there they write: the cargo is on the way, "Blocking on payment". There's nothing to worry about, and you just need to wait a little.

Calculation of cost

In addition to checking the status, you canperform and a lot of other actions. For example, one of these is the verification of the value of the goods. If you need to send a parcel, just specify its parameters in a special calculator. For a second he will give the result of the approximate cost of sending. This is convenient if you are looking for ways to save on shipping.


which is a confirmation of payment

If you do not understand something about what is happening,as the service works, ask questions in the support service. She works here in several ways: by phone on the hotline (495-755-55-30) or by mail (the feedback form on the site). There is also a pop-up window for sending messages directly to the present online consultant.

Thus, in terms of supporting its customers, the company "Business lines" clearly has something to brag about.


The company has more than a hundred representative offices all over the (the exact figure we quoted above), so users should be able to see the interactive map where the delivery points are located and how to get to them. This is on the company's website, where all the offices of the service are broken down by cities.

We can only note that the main, central office of the company is in St. Petersburg at Vnukovskaya, 2. Here you can apply for any complaints or requests.


Recommendations of users that we succeeded infind about the company, in general, have a positive nature. Undoubtedly, there are negative characteristics to the service (untimely implementation, delays, problems with registration and much more). But such situations are a rarity, since the norm is when the service fully performs its tasks and provides its customer with the highest level of service.


Whatever the downsides, more than two million customers have passed through this delivery service. This is an excellent indicator for a private company, even in such a difficult economic period.

And since the "Business lines" - it really is onefrom the market leaders with 15 years of experience, I venture to assume that the company is clearly working on a run-in, maximally effective strategy that contributes to its development.

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