The productive excavators of the ECG arecareer tracked vehicles used in the development and loading of minerals, rocks and mine workings. The machine is also used for loading operations at transshipment bases and warehouses, and participates in cyclical production. The units are manufactured taking into account the peculiarities of the climatic regions, they have mechanisms in the form of finished technological blocks, which makes it possible to repair the equipment in an aggregate way.

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Device and basic mechanisms

ECG excavators are equipped with a body, rotaryframe, boom, quarry bucket of various sizes and caterpillars. In addition, there is a lower frame and a two-level rack. The mining machine is made of high-strength steel, it works under different climatic conditions.

The main elements of the working ladle arefront and rear wall, bottom, side elements and rocker. The body interacts with the rest of the working parts by means of special fingers. The steel handle through the provided connecting parts passes into the boom, which is equipped with pressure blocks and a winch mechanism. On the turntable, not only an arrow is mounted, but also a dynamic node, an electrical circuit, body parts and racks. The cabin of the operator completes the exterior of the car.


Below are the technical plan parameters that ECG excavators have:

  • length / width / height of the bucket - 2450/2190/2560 mm with a mass of 9.9 tons;
  • similar parameters of the swivel platform - 8100/5000/1200 mm and weight of 18.9 tons;
  • the bucket capacity is 5.2 cubic meters;
  • height and radius of digging - 10,3 / 14,5 meters;
  • working weight - 196 tons;
  • dimensions of the lower frame of 10.5 tons - 3000/3000/1680 mm;
  • a similar indicator of a crawler frame weighing 5.4 tons - 5500/750/1000 mm.

The driver's cabin weighs 1.1 tons, its length is 2.36 meters, and the width and height - 1.35 and 2.76 meters respectively.

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The brake unit pressure and swivelmechanisms, as well as winches, functions due to the compressed air flow from the compressor. The undercarriage is equipped with a hydraulic system that corrects the operation of the clutch switching of tracks and running brakes.

Power point

The mining excavator ECG is equipped with mechanismspressure, lift, turn and stroke. The bucket is opened by means of a power supply from DC motors. Other auxiliary elements are powered by variable-type motors. The main nodes receive energy through converting generators and step-down transformers.

The most important detail that provides the work of technology, is a generator motor with thyristor excitation. Its main parameters are:

  • Transformer ratings - 160 kVA;
  • The nominal capacity of the network unit is 800 kW, or one thousand horsepower.

The electric power unit is located at the rear of the body.

Modifications of the ECG 5A excavator

These powerful machines are operated in the mining andprocessing industries. They greatly facilitate the work of metallurgical enterprises, coal mining and construction projects. Excavators have a high power rating, dynamic control and high maintainability.

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In addition to the ECG 5A model, there are several similar variations, differing by insignificant indicators:

  1. Modification 5B has a power plant powertwo hundred and fifty kilowatts. It is able to work on the breed without preliminary preparation, it is equipped with a specific bucket with hammers instead of traditional teeth.
  2. Variant 5D - a tracked crawler excavator,the parameters of which are similar to the previous model. It differs only in the presence of a combined diesel engine and an electric motor. He is able to independently perform loading in dump trucks.
  3. 5U is a powerful maneuvering technique capable ofpass trenches, handle ledges, perform loading operations. The excavator is equipped with a comfortable working cabin with excellent overview and informative control.
  4. Model ECG-4,6 A. The first machines of this category were produced at Uralmash. They are still successfully functioning, equipped with a bucket of 5.2 cubic meters and a motor with a power of 250 kW.

Excavator ECG-10

Among the design features of this series are the following:

  • the bucket lift has an automatic stabilization of effort;
  • The equipment is equipped with a winch with a lifting boom, which facilitates the repair and maintenance of the unit;
  • brake system of the main units - shoe type with pneumatics;
  • bucket of welded-cast construction, equipped with wedge-shaped teeth;
  • the bottom of an element of a freely falling type excludes dynamic contact with the handle;
  • The rack-mounted pressure system includes an all-welded boom and a handle with a pair of beams;
  • this design improves the handling of hard rock;
  • special ventilation devices create high air pressure in the body;
  • the main parts of the machine are made of alloy steel.

Reduce the cost of prevention and maintenance allows an effective system of automatic lubrication.

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ECG excavators are equipped with a two-trackrunning trolley with separate drive for each track. This makes it possible to obtain a low-resistance technique, which increases the maintainability of the unit and the adjustment of the tension of the tracks. Embedded hydraulic cylinders and forced ventilation contribute to additional dynamics during the operation of the unit. The main mechanisms of the excavator are equipped with a personal adjustable electric drive.

The cab of the device has comfortable equipment. It provides noise and dust insulation in the form of special partitions. Also, the workplace is equipped with air conditioning, has a decent internal area and a heating system. The stationary control panel allows you to quickly adjust the operator's seat. The features of this technique include the absence of a gearbox, so that the movement is carried out in a single high-speed mode.

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Series 8I

ECG excavator, technical specificationswhich we will consider below, is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of five hundred and twenty kilowatts. The mass of this huge machinery is 373 tons. The machine is capable of reaching over ten degrees, keeping all operating parameters.

The upgraded version of this series isexcavator under the ECG-8-US index. It is equipped with a longer boom, handles the ledges and at high altitude, and is also adapted for loading products onto dump trucks and railway cars. The machine has a bucket of 10 cubic meters. m, can lift loads of up to 110 tons. The unit is characterized by reliability, stability and good maneuverability.

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Types of ECG excavators that were in shortare considered in our article, are in demand throughout the post-Soviet space and abroad. This is due to their adaptability to different climatic regions, high productivity and good technical parameters. Especially in demand such machines for various types of quarry workings in difficult terrains and regions with a harsh climate. The presence of many developed modifications allows you to choose a device that will optimally match the features of the work performed and the customer's requests.

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