airbus a321
There is a saying that a dispute is borntrue. The dispute between the two major airlines - Airbus and Boeing for profitable orders, the predominance in the airspace for many decades has spawned various types and modifications of aircraft. And this competition has not yet revealed the strongest. Airbus A321 is just a product of confrontation, because firm Eerbas released it in response to the creation of Boeing modification 757-200.

The first flights of this air vehicle began in1996. The basis for the development was the Airbus 320 model, to which was added an additional tank, which allows to take on board about 3,000 liters of fuel. Also, the body was extended by 7 meters compared to the base model. It was assumed that Airbus A321 will operate at great distances in Europe, and also serve the flights between North and South America. The plane was liked by many airlines thanks to a comfortable cabin, low noise level, relatively low fuel consumption and almost no emissions into the environment.

airbus industrie a 321

The cabin Airbus A321 accommodates 185-220 passengers,the car moves in the air at a speed of 903 km / h, the maximum lift height is 10.5 km, the flight range is about 4.3 thousand km. The aircraft has six passenger and eight emergency doors with a fuselage length of about 45 meters. Business class seats stand four in a row, have a comfortable width, leather performance, special built-in cushions and a power source for the computer. Travelers from the economy class receive non-alcoholic drinks and two-course meals on certain routes, can purchase alcohol and other products for an additional fee. With the layout for 220 passengers, there is no business class in the salon. Many aircraft are equipped with high-quality air-conditioning and four bathrooms.

This aircraft is quite "happy"model, because for the years of its operation, only two aircraft fell into an accident. Buy Airbus A321 can be priced from 87 to 92-93 million dollars. In total, about 900 aircraft of this type have been ordered to date, of which about 720 are already plowing the expanses of the ocean's air ocean. Note that the number of orders, which for one reason or another have not been met, is about 1.4 thousand positions. Therefore, the aircraft is very popular in the aviation market. It is considered one of the most advanced machines in terms of electronics and control.

airbus industrie a321 jet

Airbus industrie A321 has several otherscharacteristics. It is shorter than the main model (37.5 meters), has a cruising speed of 840 km / h, rises to a maximum height of 11 km, flies by 4.6 thousand km and has a crew of 6 people. For those who are not afraid to fly by airplanes, we can report that the plane is planted at a speed of 250 km / h (landing speed), and the runway for these purposes should be at least 2 kilometers.

Airbus industrie A321 jet is anotherthe direction of activity of Eerbas. Planes of this plan, as a rule, are produced for corporate needs or at the request of rich people. They are distinguished by smaller dimensions, a high flight range and a cabin, which sometimes has conceivable and unthinkable conveniences and a small number of seats.

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