It is difficult to find an office or a house where there would not becalendar. But the main problem is that the beautiful design of these products is extremely rare. We are very sorry that many of these convenient "assistants" are associated with something old and Soviet. Therefore, we offer only modern solutions for the design and printing of calendars. Come to our site:

At us you will find calendars of any kinds, forms and colors - and all of them are stylish, nice and practical.

What kinds of calendars can I order in Geopress?

We can produce several varieties of calendars suitable for any purpose:


Perfectly suitable as a souvenir. They are often used as handouts for promotional campaigns, presentations, etc. On the front side we usually place an advertising image, photo or logo, on the back - the current calendar grid. Standard size - 7x10 cm. To prolong the life of pocket calendars it is recommended to laminate.


Particularly relevant for office workers, allowing you to save space on your desktop. They have several varieties:

  • house. You can place the image on one of the sides, and on the other - a calendar grid for the whole year. There is another, often used option: 6 months on one sidewall, and 6 - on the other;
  • the pyramid. The calendar grid is located on the sides of the pyramid, and is supplemented with an advertising image;
  • planning. It is a kind of "house" with flip-flops and an attached block for records.

Common formats are A4 and A5.

Wall-mounted perekidnye

Are placed on any vertical surfaces,most often on the walls. The classic design option - the division of the calendar grid into 12 parts - 12 pages. In addition, you can add a cover and a substrate, as well as carry out two-sided printing. Often ordered formats: A4, A3, A2.

Quarterly calendars

A convenient option allowing simultaneousview several months at a time. Indispensable for long-term planning, and more often other types are used in offices. Placed on vertical surfaces. Produced in the formats A4, A3, A2.


Consist of one page and often purchasedfor registration of premises. Usually the calendar grid for the whole year is at the bottom of the sheet, and the image or photo is at the top. The most popular format is A3, but you can order A2 or A4.

Design of calendars

If you already have a ready layout, we are happy toit will be accepted. But if there are only images or photos that should be placed on the pages, we will add a calendar grid and completely compose the layout.

In other cases we offer the development of individual design. To get started with the design, we will learn from you:

  • What kind of calendar did you choose?
  • what size is preferred;
  • what colors would you like to see in the layout.

If you have special wishes for registration, we will certainly take them into account.

Printing Features

Material for calendars depends on their variety:

  • pocket - double-sided cardboard with a density of at least 300 g / m2;
  • wall, calendars-posters - coated paper. Density you can choose yourself - from 150 to 250 g / m2;
  • quarterly - for detached blocks we use coated paper of 115 gr / m ^ 2 or offset 80 gr / m. A single-sided cardboard with a density of about 300 g / m is suitable for the substrate2.

In addition, we can offer designer or metallized paper, as well as paper with inserts of plastic.

Equipment, which will be producedprinting, depends on the print run. It is very advantageous to print large quantities on offset, especially if the number of copies exceeds 1000. The minimum quantity is 500 pieces.

But if you need a small number of calendars, we will print them on a digital machine, since in this case offset printing will be completely unprofitable.

Manufacturing process

After printing out the entire circulation, calendarsmust be attached. For the production of wall, quarter and some types of desktop calendars we use the Wire-O binding spring - plastic or metal.

For flip calendars we can offer the installation of a crossbar - a metal wire bent in the middle part.

Quarterly calendars are attached to the surface through eyelets or piccolos.

After winding, the edges are trimmed onto the spring, and post-processing afterwards.

What kind of finishing work do we offer?

To make calendars even more beautiful and practical, we offer several types of post-processing:

  • felling - giving calendars a certain form with a stamp. The most commonly used rounding corners;
  • Lamination - surface coating with a strong film on both sides. Can be glossy or matte. Safely protects calendars from moisture, mechanical damage, pollution;
  • selective application of UV varnish - allocates certain elements: text, outlines of a picture or logo, etc.
  • foil - application of gold or silver foil on the paper surface under the influence of high temperatures.

Of the additional elements we have cursors, crossbars and springs of different colors.

Why to order calendars in the printing house "Geopress" - it is beneficial for you

Order from us printing and making calendars, and we guarantee that you will not regret it. We:

  1. We will fine-tune your layout if it does not meet the requirements for printing or is simply not ready;
  2. We will make your order in 1 day. If calendars need you urgently, print them as fast as it is physically possible. We do not take double payment for urgency, as they do in other printing houses. You will pay the same amount as for a regular order;
  3. Provide a 10% discount if you pay in cash;
  4. We will print and produce calendars on the agreed date. We are so confident in this that we are ready to offer you a 20% discount if at the appointed time the order is not ready;
  5. We will begin work on making calendars after 50% of the advance payment. The remaining amount you can pay, when the product is ready, but before it is shipped.

And remember that the beautiful and stylish calendar made in the printing house "Geopress" is a guarantee that you will be remembered with gratitude for a whole year.