The construction of any object can not do withoutwithout estimates. They are necessary for completing the procedure for erecting objects. Non-state examination of budget documentation is the actions of studying, analyzing construction papers. They include projects, estimates. The event is carried out on the basis of the rules in force in Russia. More details about this are described in the article.

non-governmental examination of budget documentation

The task of the event is considered timelyprevention of mistakes that may appear in the design of sections of the project, alignment of the documentation with the technical regulations and town planning plan. Non-state examination of the budget documentation allows you to check the calculations that are in the estimate, as well as the ratio of cost and volume. The correspondence of the prices indicated in the documentation to their current value is being performed. If excesses of planned expenses are revealed, then the circumstances that caused this are checked.

When is the event necessary?

The procedure is carried out on the basis of securities forsolving disputable issues related to the correctness of the indicated prices, accounting for the coefficients of appreciation and violations of the regulatory framework. The event is necessary for planning:

  • construction;
  • reconstruction of objects;
  • major overhaul.

With the help of expertise disputes overterms of delivery of the object or part thereof. It is mandatory to check the documentation for construction and compliance with applicable law. Examination is carried out in those cases when it is necessary to determine the technical state of an object after a natural disaster.

Verification applies to documents relating totechnical analysis of the building with its deformation, reconstruction and in some other cases. The event is required in case of accidents or emergencies at the site and in the insurance events associated with these events.


On the basis of what non-governmentalexamination of project documentation? In the criminal process, only a judicial review is carried out. She is appointed by a court decision, a resolution of an investigator, a specialist of inquiry or a prosecutor.

non-governmental examination of project documentation

The result is the expert's opinion,which will be competent for the court. It is used to prove or refute information. In the civil process, extrajudicial examination is appointed. It is held with the initiative of any participant. The result of the event is the conclusion of a specialist.


The checks can be public andindependent. Because of this, some nuances of procedures differ. If the objects of federal significance, then the event will be state. These are buildings for the construction of which the state budget is spent. They include:

  • unique buildings;
  • complex and dangerous objects;
  • secret rooms.

In other cases, non-stateexamination of project documentation. What it is? This is a procedure performed by private organizations. Such facilities do not finance the state budget. Non-state expertise of budget documentation is carried out without bureaucratic nuances and strict administration. In addition, this procedure is cheaper.

non-governmental examination of design estimates

At this kind of event it will be possible to learnnotes that the customer can fix. Managers of such firms always advise clients on interesting questions. In cooperation with state experts, this can not be done, only an official request is possible.

Rules for conducting

Non-state expertise of estimates is carried out onbasis of uniform rules. First, a detailed work plan and the desired result are discussed with the customer. The objectives of the event, its composition, price and timing are determined. Then you need to prepare documents that will provide valuable information to specialists. Then an independent examination of the project documentation will yield accurate conclusions.

When the contract is signed, experts carry outdetailed study of documentation. The study time can take 1 week or 1 month. The deadline depends on the complexity of the object, the amount of documents. After checking, the customer is given papers with the results. If there are inaccuracies, errors, violations, experts provide tips on how to fix them.


To conduct a non-governmental examination of the estimate documentation, you should provide:

  1. Application (1 piece for each estimate).
  2. A letter addressed to the management.
  3. Identification data for the object.
  4. Estimated documentation - in paper and electronic form.
  5. Bill of quantities or project.
  6. Task for the project.

carrying out of non-state expertise of design estimates

If the procedure is determined by the court, a determination of the appointment is required. The firm must verify the completion of documents within 3 working days from the moment it was received.

Where it is better to order?

You can order the procedure in private orstate firm. In the first case, the price may be higher. But the event will be faster. According to Art. 50 Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation, the firm must be accredited. Non-state expertise of budget documentation is carried out in private companies. Examinations of these companies have the same legal force as in public institutions. It is possible to check all or part of the documentation.

The state procedure is carried out on the basis oflegal proceedings, by decree of local authorities or at the request of the parties to the construction. Citizens themselves rarely apply for such services to state organizations. Actions are carried out on the basis of the same rules.


Often, non-state expertise estimatedocumentation allows you to identify the overestimation of construction costs. This is labor costs, which are not justified. They also include expenses for transport, equipment and materials. Often there are deliberate errors.

non-state expertise of budget documentation budget

Sometimes the construction time is too high, thatincreases actual costs. Defects related to the difference in value in different periods are determined. The result of the procedure is also positive, if everything in the documentation is filled in according to norms and engineering researches. The result of the event is also negative. If disagreement, the customer or the contractor can challenge this in court.

Design and estimate audit

Non-state verification of design estimatesdocumentation allows you to identify errors and violations in it. Often this is due to inattention or incompetence of the employee. Sometimes the price of an object is deliberately understated, so that the customer chooses this project. Similar situations occur in tenders.

An expert commission can identify fraud,when the price of construction is overestimated, and then the funds are plundered. Common defects also lead to various difficulties in the future. For example, if more building materials were purchased, which would not be beneficial to the customer and contractor. Conducting a non-state examination of design estimates will avoid penalties for inappropriate execution of documents. This is necessary to protect against disagreements with customers and investors, and also save time.

How is the cost determined?

The price of the procedure depends on:

  • the volume of documentation;
  • urgency of implementation;
  • the number of necessary reconciliations and calculations;
  • attraction of specialists;
  • fulfillment on weekends or holidays;
  • departure to the client;
  • preparation of duplicate conclusion.

non-governmental examination of budget documentation accreditation

The cost can depend on other factors. The price is calculated with the conclusion of the contract.

Estimator Errors

Usually, when the procedure is performed, mistakes are detected. They are often associated with:

  • inaccuracies in the performance of settlements;
  • incorrect calculations of the cost of the plan;
  • not corresponding to the definition of the coefficient;
  • mixing reference prices;
  • overestimation of the cost of equipment and materials;
  • overstatement of labor costs;
  • increased transportation costs;
  • an increase in the construction period.

Errors are identified when the documentation is thoroughly checked. The procedure is initiated because of accidental or deliberate overstatement of construction costs.


Conclusion of an expert with a designation of errors indocuments provides an opportunity to make changes to them. You can create a corrective volume, where all corrected inaccuracies will be indicated. But changes are also made to the same documentation with the corresponding footnotes.

non-governmental expertise of estimates

When changes are made, documents are sent tosecondary state expertise. It is conducted the same way as the first time. On the basis of this event a new conclusion is made. It will be positive if inaccuracies are successfully corrected on the basis of existing norms of the law. If errors are found, then the solution will be negative, so you need to re-make the changes.

State examination is mandatoryafter the preparation of all documents. Due to this, the customer will not allow overruns before construction. A non-state procedure is carried out at any stage of the construction of facilities.

Does the state need an estimate?

Many firms do not know whether to takejob of the estimator. This specialist will only be needed if he is loaded with permanent work. In addition, the costs that are required for its maintenance, should be less than to attract other professionals.

As a result, the result is determined not by the fact,whether the person is in the office or he was hired on the terms of outsourcing, but on the level of his professionalism. When drawing up an estimate, it is necessary to take into account the current standards, as well as to justify each stage of the work. With the implementation of such activities should take into account the technical part of the project, and the accountant should refer to the points of documents, apply only the current rates and local regulations.

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