Bordeaux mixture - a well-known and belovedgardeners and truck farmers. They have been using it for more than 100 years. For the first time this substance was used to combat fungal diseases of grapes. However for many years it has proved itself as a very successful tool for processing as well a large number of other crops. In particular, the Bordeaux mixture for tomatoes is used.

Bordeaux mixture for a tomato
When a Bordeaux mixture is used

It happens that bushes of tomatoes of different varietiesbegin to dry from the root and rot. This happens often before the plant has managed to gain fruit, as a result, you can completely lose the crop. This is a consequence of the disease, which is called "late blight." To combat it, it is recommended to use copper preparations. Perhaps the most effective of them is just the Bordeaux mixture for tomatoes. This tool is referred to fungicides - drugs that are used to combat fungal diseases of various crops. They cultivate vineyards, fruit trees (for example, apple and pear), vegetables and ornamental plants. From vegetable crops, a Bordeaux mixture is used for tomatoes, cucumbers and many others. With its help it is possible to get rid of such diseases of garden plants, as macrosporiosis and late blight. Since the solution of the Bordeaux liquid is practically not stored, it is better to acquire it in the form of constituent components and dilute independently.

how to cook a Bordeaux mixture
How to make a Bordeaux mixture

The composition of this substance includes two components: copper sulphate and hydrated lime. The secret of cooking is that they must be diluted in water separately, and they can be joined together as a solution. Typically, a Bordeaux mixture is used for tomatoes at a concentration of 1% or even less (0.5 or 0, 75 percent). To prepare a one-percent solution in an amount of 10 liters, take 100 grams of copper sulfate and a little more lime (about 150 grams). This is necessary to ensure that the resulting mixture does not give an acid reaction, which is characteristic of vitriol. Copper sulfate is dissolved in a small amount of warm water (about a liter), then add water, so that the total volume of the liquid is 5 liters. In another capacity, lime is dissolved in 5 liters of water, a so-called lime milk is obtained. The dishes can only be used glass or plastic, metal does not fit. Further, in a solution of lime, a dissolved vitriol is poured in a thin stream, stirring. The finished substance must be filtered and used immediately. The color of the mixture must be sky-turquoise. If the substance is purchased in the store, an instruction is attached to it, explaining how to dissolve the Bordeaux mixture. It is also advised to check the resulting solution for acidity. The fact is that such a liquid reaction can spoil plant leaves. Therefore, in a liquid for 3 - 4 minutes, lower the nail. If it is covered with a reddish coating, this indicates the presence of acid. Then you need to add a little more lime milk.

how to dilute a Bordeaux mixture
How to use Bordeaux mixture for tomatoes

A solution is sprayed on the bed, on which are plantedtomato bushes, at the first signs of the disease. Use from 5 to 10 liters per 100 square meters. It is recommended to repeat the treatment again after about 10 or 15 days. The maximum number of treatments per season should not be more than four.

We must not forget that the Bordeaux mixtureis a poison for humans and animals. Therefore, it is necessary to use protective equipment (gloves), wash hands and face thoroughly. Before eating, the fruit must be thoroughly washed, and the greens sprayed shrubs can not be given to feed livestock.

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