The popularity of meat-egg chickens among farmersprimarily due to their universality. The owners of household plots are growing old breeds of this direction of productivity, and new ones. Somewhat more complicated than for laying hens, and simple, than for broilers, care is what distinguishes such chickens (meat-bearing breeds). Which variety to choose? The answer to this question is rather complicated. After all, there were a lot of breeders of such breeds. Therefore, in the article, let's consider what features distinguish the most popular meat-egg chickens.

Which bird is more profitable to grow?

The best meat-eating breeds of chickens to date, according to many farmers - is:

  • Rhode Island;

  • the Kuchin Jubilee;

  • Moscow white;

  • New HampshireandR;

  • Orpington;

  • Adlerskaya silvery.

chicken breed meat

This is the most productive breed meat meat hens. The description and the photo of these layers will be presented in the article. We will talk about each of these rocks in detail.

Rhode Island: History, Description

This popular in Russia chicken breed meat was withdrawn to the United States in 1840-1850. As the parents for her used Cochin, Red Malay, Leggorn, Wyandot, Cornish.

The feathers of the genus-island chickens are very dense. That's why they are not bad for keeping in Russia. Coldness of this bird is excellent. The color of the plumage is rhodian brown. Over time, the color of these chickens a little pale.

Performance indicators of rod-island

These chickens are valued by farmers, of course, beforeall for the fact that they gain weight well and at the same time carry a lot of eggs. In terms of productivity, many owners of household plots consider this bird to be one of the best for today. Yaytsenoskost rod-Islendov is about 160-180 pcs. in year. From some chickens, subject to good care, you can get 210-215 pcs. The eggs themselves are quite large in this breed. Their weight can reach 55-60 grams.

A good breed of performance, this breed is also different in terms of meat. Adult chickens of gender island reach weight in 2.5-3 kg, males - 3.2-3.8 kg.


Sexual maturity chicken meatod island reach to 6-7 months. Running they all year round. Masonry in winter these hens do not stop even in an unheated shed. Young growth of this breed is distinguished by endurance. There is almost never a drop in the herd of rod-island. Not too demanding are these chickens and to feed. The ration for them is usually the same as for poultry meat (concentrates - mash - concentrates). However, when keeping the owner of a household farm, you should always make sure that the chickens do not overeat. At the speed of gaining weight too much food will not affect, but the eggs the bird will carry very little.

 chicken meat

In terms of productivity, rod-land is superior to many others meat breeds of chickens. Photo of the cockerel, presented on the page above, his strong constitution demonstrates graphically. But this bird has one more advantage. One of the characteristics of the breed is thethat it is just an excellent genetic material. These chickens are used by breeders to breed new highly productive meat-egg hybrids more often.

Kuchinskaya anniversary chicken

The selection of this bird continued forthe whole 43 years. It was deduced by domestic specialists on the basis of the genotype of 4 foreign breeds. Later, a sufficiently productive hybrid was crossed with the Livonian chickens.

Plumage Kuchinskaya jubilee has a brown or golden. The body of her compact enough, but very strong. Plumage, like that of the rod-aylend, among the representatives of this breed is dense. Therefore, the Kuchin jubilee chickens tolerate winter well, practically not reducing in egg production. But still the air temperature in the shed at the content of this breed should not fall below +3 C.

the best meat-eating breeds of chickens

Performance indicators

Weight kuchinsky jubilee chickens gain in 2.7-3 kg, males - 3.4-3.5 kg. Their egg production rates are 180-200 pcs. in year. Somewhat reduces the productivity in this respect, the breed of chickens is meat and egg Kuchinskaya jubilee only during moulting. The eggs weigh about 60 grams. To the feed this bird, like the rod-island, is unpretentious. Contain it according to the standard technology used for chickens meat-egg direction of productivity.

Features of the Kuchin Jubilee

The advantages of chickens of this breed, in addition tounpretentiousness and high productivity indicators, farmers also include the fact that they have practically not lost their maternal instinct. Nurture the Kuchin jubilee chicks themselves.

The chicks of this breed can be discerned on the floor already at the diurnal age. In dried males, the color of the wings is alwayslighter body. Good responses of farmers, this breed, among other things, deserved and for the early early ripeness. Kuchinsky jubilee eggs begin to be born at the age of about 6 months.

The Moscow white hen

This highly productive breed of chicken meat meat waswas bred in the USSR in the middle of the last century. As parents, she used May Day, white Plymouth, white Russian. Peculiarities of these chickens are:

  • pure white feathering;

  • strong constitution;

  • dense plumage.

Indicators of the productivity of chickens

In terms of egg production, Moscow's whiteis in no way inferior to the Kindland family and the Kuchin jubilee. From one such chicken you can get up to 180 eggs per year. The weight of the layer of this breed is 2.4-2.5 kg, the males - 3-3.4 kg. Sexual maturity of the Moscow White reach in 6 months. Eggs of these hens weigh about 55 grams. They have white color.

Features of the breed are white Moscow

Like the genus Island, this bird is often used to produce new productive hybrids. For example, a broiler, bred by crossing the Moscow white with new gemsandrami, weighs about 1.5 kg at the age of three months.

The peculiarity of the chickens of this breed is thatthey sometimes carry an "egg in the egg." The maternal qualities of the white Moscow are practically lost. Therefore, it is necessary to take out young animals to farmers engaged in their cultivation in incubators.

meat chicken

Chickens New Hampshire

This meat-egg breed first appeared in the United States in30-ies of the last century. It was published specifically for medium and small farms. That is, New Gapshire is just fine for content, for example, in cottages.

ABOUTThe feathers of the feather these chickens have brownish-brown. The bird of New Hampshire looks somewhat squat. The body is oblong and strong enough, and the legs are short. Plumage of these hens is very dense and dense.


Meat-bearing chicken breed, description which were given above, are characterized by quite good indicators of egg production and weight gain. New gapshire in this regard, the white Moscow, rod-Island and the Kuchin jubilee almost not inferior. Body weight of layers this breed can reach 2-3 kg, males - 3.2-3.8 kg. In the first year of chickens, New Hampshire lay about 200 pcs. eggs weighing 55 grams. Later, this indicator begins to decline. Sexual maturity of the laying hen is reached by 6 months.

What is the difference between a breed?

Like the Kuchin jubilee, the sex of chickensNew Hampshire can be identified at a very early age. In the males of this breed, white fluff is noticeable on the wings. The feathers have brown feathers in this place. A rooster New Hampshire by rules is supposed to change at least 1 time in five years. Otherwise, the chickens will not meet the breed standards.

The Muniterian instinct is developed in these hens. But not all the birds sit on the eggs.

meat-eating chickens photo and name

Breed of chickens meat and apington

This bird is bred in England by a breederWilliam Cook at the end of the XIX century. Initially officially recognized the orpington only with black coloring of the plumage. Later, the pale chickens of this breed were obtained. Today there are already about 10 species of orpington in color.

Lookingt Chicken of this breed is more massive than many other meats. Short-footed, like New Hampshires, they do not look. The feathering in these chickens is dense, so they are good for breeding in the Russian climate.

What is different in productivity?

Eggs of chicken orping bear about 180 pcs. in year. Male critters gain weight up to 5 kg. The body weight of adult layers is usually 3.5-4 kg. Since the chickens are large enough, and their eggs weigh quite a lot - 60-65 grams.

Other Features

The maternal instinct of these hens is simply developedexcellent. Chickens are usually born healthy and viable. However, they gain weight, unfortunately, slowly enough. A feature of this breed, according to many farmers, is voracity. To speed up the weight gain of the young, the owner of the infield area has to spend a lot on feed.

chickens meat-eating breeds what to choose

Voracity, of course, can be attributed toshortcomings of this breed. However, in this case, the chicken orpington, in comparison with other varieties, there is one important advantage. The fact is that these laying hens do not reduce egg production for usually three whole years. Also, to the pluses of this breed, many farmers attribute very delicious, juicy and tender meat.

Adlerskaya silvery

If we talk about what are the best meat-eating breeds of chickens at the moment, then, of course, we can not fail to mention the Adler silvery. Withdrawing this bird highly productive May Day and Russian white chickens. Later, New Hampshires and Jurlovski roosters were also included in the selection work.

The main advantage of Adler silver chicken is endurance. There is hardly a drop in the herd of this bird.

Indicators of the productivity of representatives

In a year, one Adler silver chicken can demolish up to 180 eggs. The adult body weight of this breed is usually 4 kg, chickens - 2.7 kg. Eggs adler silvery weigh about 60 g. Sexual maturity these chickens reach at the age of 6 months.

What is it worth to know the owner?

When grown adler silver chickenthe farmer should take into account some of its features. For example, the youngsters of this breed can begin to sweep at the age of 5 months. You can not allow this. Otherwise, the productivity of the bird in terms of egg production in the future will be low. It explains the early laying of Adler silvery, primarily overfeeding. Too much protein in the diet of chickens of this breed when grown on eggs should not be.

Weight Adlersky silvery types very quickly. And sometimes they are grown and as broilers - for meat. In this case, to feed the chickens, of course, is the most high-calorie food.

meat-meat breeds of chickens description

Eggs these chickens carry less than the representativemany other breeds of the same group. However, to the unconditional advantages of silver adler, one can attribute the fact that it does not reduce productivity in this respect within 4 years. Maternal instinct in the selection process, these chickens, however, completely lost.

Instead of concluding

Here such here also exist for today the best meat breeds of chickens. Photo and name they were presented to the reader in our article. Care for such a bird is usually simple. Eggs and meat from her can get quite a lot. Perhaps, therefore, in most cases, owners of household plots prefer to keep such universal hens on their farmsteads.

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