Shopping center "European" on "Kievskaya" waserected under the project of the famous Russian architect and covers an area of ​​one hundred eighty thousand square kilometers. The building is constructed in the form of a triangle according to the principle of rows in the market. All the shopping streets diverge from the center of the triangular building. The building has eight floors. Of these, two underground. Also, with a shopping center built parking, designed for 1200 seats. The complex has several entrances and exits. One leads directly to the subway tunnel.

Description of the complex in Moscow

The shopping center "Evropeisky" on "Kievskaya" received more than one award for the architectural solution. One of the world's leading television companies has recognized the complex as a world bestseller.

Here come people from all over the city toskimp and just walk through the unique shopping streets. Each of them has its architectural decision due to one of the world capitals. For example, the street "Paris" is built in the French style. The street "London" - in English, etc. In the center there is a huge number of shops, several supermarkets, entertainment centers, an ice rink, a cinema and much more.

shopping center european in Kiev

In the complex they rent premises of more than five hundredtenants for their stores. Of these, half offers visitors clothing for different needs. In addition, there are about thirty shops of cosmetics of different brands, seventy boutiques where you can buy accessories. About a hundred stores sell electronic equipment. There are also fifty departments where you can buy sports clothes not only for adults but also for children.

Supermarket "Crossroads", which is located on the first floor of the shopping center, works around the clock. Here you can buy any products of inexpensive and high quality.

A cinema with several cinemas, including a 3D room, is open daily.

shopping center european in kiev how to get there

Shopping center "European" on "Kievskaya" hasThe whole floor, which is assigned to the center of public services. At every corner you can find ATMs of completely different banks. Therefore, if you suddenly need cash, you can remove them without problems. Although in every store, restaurant in this center you can pay by card through the terminal.

Address of the complex

Where is the shopping center "European" at the "Kiev"? Its address is the following: the square of the Kiev railway station, 2. That is, the complex is located directly at the metro station.

Shopping center "Evropeyskiy" on "Kievskaya": how to get to the complex?

Getting to the mall is not so difficult. As already mentioned above, the complex is located directly on one of the branches of the metro. Since it is located near the railway station, it will not be difficult to reach by public transport.

shopping center european on the Kiev shops

But, of course, you can get there by your own car, given the size of the parking near the shopping center, the driver can easily park his car.

Services that visitors to the center can receive

There is a largenumber of restaurants designed for different consumers. If you get tired of shopping, you can always go to any of them. There you will be deliciously tasted, and you can relax after a hard day. On each floor there are restaurants with appropriate kitchens. If the street is Japanese, then the cafe visitors are offered Japanese cuisine. And so, respectively, on every street.

shopping center in Kiev in Moscow

Shopping center "European" on the "Kiev"offers its visitors a wide range of services. Here you can find a quality and inexpensive dry cleaning. Also on its territory there are several currency exchange points, branches of banks. If you have a desire to relax, then you can always visit one of the spa. In addition, there are salons in the center that provide depilation services.

If you want to spend a chic wedding orcelebrate the anniversary, your attention will be presented to several banquet halls, designed for a different number of people. They are also decorated according to the principle of the location of restaurants. That is, each room is decorated in the style of the street on which it is located.

Shopping center "European" at the "Kiev". The shops. What can I buy in this complex?

As was mentioned above, in the territory of the centerlocated about half a thousand shops. Half of them are boutiques of clothes of various brands. In sports stores, in addition to things, you can find equipment for different sports. Also there is an opportunity to purchase exercise equipment for the home. In many of the shops it is possible to arrange the purchase of clothing on credit, but on condition that the total cost will be from twenty thousand rubles.

European shopping center at Kiev address

There are a variety of shops in the shopping center thatsell jewelry, brand accessories for lovers of expensive things, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. Even in the mall are boutiques of very high-quality footwear for both children and adults.

Such well-known shops as Zara, Mark Spencer, Victoria Secret and Massimo Dutti first appeared in this place.

Entertainment complex "Cosmic"

Shopping center at the Kievskaya in Moscow"European" is known not only for its boutiques, but also for the entertainment center "Kosmik". Here with pleasure can spend time not only children, but also adults. A huge number of slot machines. There are also allotted zones for games of the youngest. Immediately there are babysitters, who will pay special attention to your baby while you are shopping. On the territory of the entertainment center there are several labyrinths. There, your children are happy to err by solving various puzzles.

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