The question of the relationship between the leader and subordinates is importantalways. The effectiveness of a particular job is largely dependent on how the bosses manage their employees. Why should a leader obey? This person has real power, disobedience can lead to the fact that the rebellious worker will be dismissed. But is it possible to build everything only on intimidation? The fact is that a good image of the leader will provide him with authority from his subordinates. This truth has long been proven.

Formation of the image of the manager is notimmediately, but gradually and under the influence of a number of different circumstances. It is very good if a person holding a managerial position knows how to properly submit himself.

Image of the head

The process of managing people should be built onauthority of the manager. Hardly anyone will seriously take a person who is giving out commands, speaks inarticulably, stammers, looks not in the eyes, but in the floor and so on. Of course, in most cases, orders will be executed, but with such a leader, the team will not work for anything by rolling up their sleeves.

The image of a modern leader is very important. And what is the image in general? By this term is meant the transmitted image of a person. It's about how we are reflected in the minds of others.

The image of the head, in principle, like anyanother person, begins with clothing. On clothes, unfortunately, not only meet ... A business man can not allow his clothes to crumble or get dirty. The ability to care for oneself speaks volumes. Business style is a good thing, but still many people try to refuse it. Inside work collectives very often you can observe semi-informal communication. It does not matter, an expensive suit on the head or a motley shirt - everything should always be in perfect condition.

Concerning clothes, it is also worth saying that oThe status of a person is said not so much by expensive things, as by those that need to be constantly monitored. For example, shoes. No self-respecting leader will start a working day without wiping them to shine.

What else is included in the image of the head? Of course, posture. In no case should you not stoop. Saddle is an indicator of uncertainty. Do not believe me? Imagine yourself in some awkward or dangerous situation. Notice how your shoulders shrank. Holding the posture, we show the world that we are not afraid of anything, which means that we need to obey and respect.

It is important, as the leader says. You need to be able to play with your voice, make accents on important places, be able to convey information. Failing to shout and scold subordinates in most cases is simply stupid. The leader without raising his voice should explain who and why is wrong. You need to know one way: if you want to be heard - start talking one-and-a-half lower.

The image of the leader is something reallycomplicated. Everyone who wants to learn how to properly manage people, should become the inspiration, the creator of ideas. You always have to be a few steps ahead of your subordinates. The ability to look at the situation from the outside helps not only to evaluate correctly, but also to calculate it. Choosing a strategy, you need to believe in it yourself, and then make everyone in it believe in it.

The image of the head consists of manyelements that are somehow related to each other. The leader must be a versatile person. He should be able to correctly speak on topics that do not even touch the work performed by the team. Learning to give useful advice, you will go far. You will be perceived not as a boss, but as a reasonable person, correct, generous.

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