Growing potatoes in the country is not easy, butuseful. It's not enough just to throw potatoes into grooves, it is important to collect a good harvest from it. But it will be possible to get it only if you take responsibility with responsibility.

Technologies for growing potatoes are the mostvarious. Some of them are easier, others require a certain skill. Today we will talk about how to grow potatoes under a straw and in a barrel. Surely many people hear about these methods for the first time, because every year the potato is grown in the country by the classical method - planting tubers in the soil on the beds. Well, it's time to introduce new technologies on your site.

Growing potatoes under straw

Cultivate potatoes in this manner were able to ourancestors 200 years ago. True, over time, most people forgot about him. Perhaps, thanks to our individual citizens, we can again use this method.

So, how to grow potatoes under straw. Select a landing site at the dacha. It is not necessary to dig it, equally, as well as to make nutritious fertilizers. After that, at a distance of 30 cm spread the tubers of potatoes, and on top cover them with 30-40 centimeters of straw. This completes the entire landing. But all care for it will be reduced to the fact that occasionally it will be necessary to lay a new layer of straw and water it. By the way, if you do not have fresh straw, then you can completely replace it with dry grass. Also pay attention to the fact that you do not need to hoggle the grown-up potatoes.

And the last thing that is required of you is to harvest the crops in autumn. Although, if you are thus planted early potatoes, then the harvest will be collected much earlier.

Growing potatoes in a barrel

This is another original way to growpotatoes in the country. Very many summer residents are experiencing a shortage of free space for planting this garden crop. That's just the same with the help of barrels and you can solve this problem.

  1. First, pack with tarot. It is not necessary that they are barrels, large plastic containers for garbage, or other large containers that you have in the country. Treat all packagings with a soft bleach solution to prevent plant diseases.
  2. Growing potatoes in the country in this wayimplies good drainage, so be sure to make a small hole (about 2 cm) at the bottom of the container. If desired, you can even cut off the whole bottom, if in your plans put the container on the soil of the site.
  3. After that, fill the bottom of the containermixture of 12-18 cm deep. For example, it can be a mixture of compost, moss and shells of nuts. Such a mixture will help preserve moisture for the root system of plants.
  4. Place the tubers on the soil layer. Make sure that they are not very close to each other. After this, pour the potatoes with a layer of soil (12-14 cm) and pour abundantly. It is important that the soil is moist all the time, but it is also not worth pouring plants.
  5. When the plants grow, it is necessary to make the first soil pouring with compost. Sprinkle the ground with the further growth of potatoes until the entire container is filled.

That's all, it remains to wait untilpotatoes will grow and blossom, and after a few weeks begin harvesting. But seasoned summer residents say that growing potatoes at the dacha in this way allows you to harvest a good harvest. And this despite the fact that care throughout the year was minimal and completely uncomplicated.

Here in this way you can organizegrowing potatoes in the country. Now it becomes clear that this is much easier than preparing the beds, hilling the bush and making sure that the potatoes are not subsequently overgrown and subjected to attacks by the Colorado beetle.

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