The history of the creation of a special squadron, taskwhich - the delivery of the first persons of the state to where they order, began in the distant 1956 already. The technical park of this organizational structure was then the best passenger aircraft of Russia, or rather, the Soviet Union - IL-12.

Aviation developed rapidly, and all new items,tested for some time in Aeroflot, came to Vnukovo, where government winged vehicles were based. Not only equipment, but also pilots were selected here the best, because responsibility is great. If there is a flight incident, the whole world will immediately start talking about the technical backwardness of "these Russians, who even the head of state can not normally deliver." But there was no occasion for such gossip, fortunately. PEs arose, not through the fault of our equipment or pilots. For example, in 1961, an airplane with the then Soviet premier LI. Brezhnev was shot at by a French interceptor, and only thanks to the skill of the crew, everything went smoothly.

airplane president of russia

Today the plane of the Russian president is not justvehicle. On board, there is everything to manage the country and work effectively, which is inconceivable and without the ability to fully rest. There are also bedrooms, and showers, and a conference room.

Do not forget the need for food, because the flights,carried out by side number 1, can be prolonged. Therefore, the galley liner is equipped with a cooker, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, in general, all that is in a good kitchen.

presidential plane

The Russian President's airplane is beautifully trimmed inside. The representative function of this car is very important, it is the Kremlin in miniature, just like every aircraft with a tricolor flag on the steering wheel and the inscription RA on the fuselage. No world leader, having been on board, will be able to say that the authors of the interior did not have the taste, and the performers - the means. Upholstery is made by the same firm that deals with the salons of cars Austin Martin. All plumbing fixtures and most of the details of the metal fittings of the interior trim are gold plated. In general, the cost of high-end equipment exceeded the equivalent of 19 million dollars.

airplanes of russia

Of course, the President's aircraft was built in Russia- a country that has long-standing and glorious traditions of the aviation industry. This Il-96-300 is quite a decent wide-body machine with four engines, very reliable, fast and comfortable.

The incident that happened in August 2005, whentechnical problems led to the fact that the aircraft of the Russian president did not start to air, caused 42-day troubles not only to the ground services of the special squadron, but also to the numerous operators of this aircraft, who were forbidden to fly to the IL-96. However, it soon became clear that the problems were insignificant, and the flights continued.

airplanes of russia

Of course, the aircraft of the Russian president is a conceptnot single, there are several main winged vehicles that perform this function, in particular, only the Ils of the 96s have six. Not all of them have such a luxurious finish, as the main board, but the conditions of flight on them are quite comfortable. In the technical park of the squadron there are other types of airliners: the IL-62, the Tu-214, and other reliable aircraft, and besides them the rotorcrafts to get even where there are no runways.

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