Modern communication devices providean excellent opportunity to access the Internet at any time and almost from anywhere in the world. For those people who do not have a PC, this is the only way to use the global network. Therefore, the popularity of the services offered by Tele2 is growing every day.

how to connect unlimited Internet on TV2

Those few people who have not hooked up yetmobile Internet, mistakenly believe that the cost of this service is too high. This is not true. Subscribers using the "Scary Cheap Internet" tariff know that the Internet "Tele2" is simple, convenient and inexpensive.

Favorable tariffs allow you to easily visit various sites, carry out purchases, use a variety of programs and communicate with friends.

The company "Tele2" is quite famous, its units are located all over the world. Recently, the company offers customers an additional service - unlimited Internet.

Internet from a mobile phone

Mobile traffic can be used for anykind of action: download applications, watch content or just "walk" through the vastness of the world wide web. This is very convenient, since the Internet will always be within reach.

How to connect mobile Internet?

The company has its official website, whereusers can create personal cabinets, and also have the opportunity to figure out how to connect unlimited Internet to "Tele2". To activate the service, you must go to your personal account. Then, following the instructions, you need to activate the mobile Internet.

unlimited internet tele2

Operators can contact operators by calling 611, which are free of charge. Upon request, specialists activate the "Internet from phone" service.

To activate it, you can useUSSD-team. The key combination is to be found on the website of the company "Tele2". You can ask operators how to connect unlimited Internet to "Tele2" in this way, as this service is not available in all regions.

Unlimited Opera Mini

unlimited Internet

This tariff plan is unique, because"Tele2" is the only company that offers it. A feature of the powerful Opera Mini browser is the ability to compress data. This significantly saves traffic.

Using this tariff, the user can access the Internet using the Opera Mini browser. If you use other browsers, you will have to pay for the service at a different rate.

It is worth noting that this tariff does not apply to browsers Opera Mobile or Opera Browser. A suitable version of Opera Mini can be downloaded directly on the website of the company "Tele2".

How to subscribe to the tariff?

You can connect to the tariff plan, which is provided through the Opera Mini browser, in the following ways:

  • Contact the operator at 611 and inform aboutits desire to use this tariff. In this case, the user's passport data will be needed, so it's worthwhile to ensure that they are at hand at the time of the call.
  • Use the USSD command. On the mobile phone keyboard, you need to dial a combination of numbers and press the call key. The tariff will be connected automatically. You can find out this combination on the company's website.
  • Login to your account on the website "Tele2" and activate this service.

The main tariffs offered by Tele2

The company "Tele2" cares about that users and future customers in a timely manner receive full information about all services. Therefore, the site can get answers to all questions of interest.

Currently, the mobile company representsattention of users is quite a large selection of different tariffs and additional opportunities. Operators will help you understand the tariff plans and choose the most suitable option in a particular case.

Package of services "Partner". This tariff plan provides an opportunitycommunicate with the subscribers of this operator for free. For calls on the home area, a fee of 50 kopecks per minute will be charged if the subscriber uses 3000 minutes, which are included in the tariff package.

Call to the subscriber "Tele2", which is inany other region, will be free, as long as there are minutes available. Then you can communicate for 50 cents per minute. The package includes 500 free SMS messages. It is very convenient to use the mobile Internet. The fee is charged only if the traffic exceeds 500 megabytes. The price of this tariff package is 750 rubles.

Advantageous package is "Expert". Using it, the subscriber receives anonymous calls(outgoing and incoming) to all Tele2 users' numbers that are located in the same region. The threshold of use is 1500 minutes. Further - on 50 copecks. Internet is limited, the price of the full package is 400 rubles.

Unlimited Internet - simple and reliable!

To date, those subscribers who are morethe amount of their time spent on the network, they have the opportunity to purchase tariff packages that involve an unlimited Internet. "Tele2" takes into account the needs of all customers. This can not go unnoticed. Those users who do not want to pay more know how to connect unlimited Internet to "Tele2".

internet for the day

How to connect?

To activate the "Unlimited Internet" service("Tele2"), you need to work in your personal account located on the company's website. You can also do this using the USSD request. Internet for a day will cost 4.5 rubles. If, for some reason, the user wants to cancel the tariff package, you need to go to your personal account and turn off the option.

internet tele2
Those users who know how to connectUnlimited Internet on "Tele2", have the opportunity to use additional options. If you buy a modem, you can go online from your laptop or computer.

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