Audit is an independent reviewfinancial reporting in order to express a credible opinion on the activities of an organization. Such a check is a procedure that is necessary for every enterprise, since it helps to identify whether the accounting reports are reliable, whether settlements with counterparties are being conducted correctly, and everything else is being checked for the safety of the property. In other words, the audit can be called a sign of quality, because it is a confirmation of the decent conduct of the affairs of a company in the eyes of its business partners. The resulting indicators reflect budget calculations, which in itself facilitates the absence of risk of conflicts between credit institutions and employees of fiscal authorities.

Audit is an audit of accounting and reportingorganizations, they are held annually. For their implementation, individual programs are being compiled, the organization of work on which is carried out in accordance with the strictly scheduled schedule of the plan. At the same time, much attention is paid to the verification of revenues and, accordingly, the expenses of the organization, as well as capital, assets and the correct calculation of the deductions for state taxes. Such verification can occur in several stages, for the formation of interim reporting, during the quarter, then six months and after nine months. But there is another type of verification is this compulsory audit, it is regulated by law.

It is worth noting that the auditoccurs only in accordance with the concluded contract. Its purpose is to identify errors in the record keeping, if any, since their presence can lead the company not only to distortions in its activity reports, but also to bear losses associated with tax risks. Therefore, managers of enterprises need to use the services of professional auditors, because to all other things it speaks about the transparency and openness of the activity that this or that company is engaged in. Since the audit report is a kind of image of the organization, as it speaks about the prospects and future success of this business.

As for the cost of such inspections, it is worth noting that it differs depending on the amount of work that will need to be done by the auditor.