Sang-yong Aktion Sport is created specifically foractive young people who prefer to be in the spotlight. The car is equally practical both in the role of an assistant for business, and as a family car. But the main trump card is the pickup - its value.

Actinon Sports
It is hardly possible to find a car like thisclass, which would cost less than $ 30 thousand, except that the urban crossover, which will be inferior in performance. At the same time, the Aktion Sport, with its 155-horsepower diesel engine, eight-hundred-ton capacity and the ability to carry an impressive trailer behind the shoulders, looks very impressive. Koreans uniquely managed to create a really fast and powerful car, which is not typical for pickups.

In the car cab there are two rows of seats. The second, apparently, slightly compromised by the spaciousness of the body, so at least in the legs of a major passenger here can be uncomfortable. As for interior trim, it is made in combination skin. In the overhead console Action Sport there is an individual illumination for each row of seats. The dashboard is without frills, but informative and well readable.

Sang Yong actin sports

What is the reason for such a relatively lowprice? Perhaps there is some kind of dirty trick? Yes, no, the car excellently accelerates, it is well chosen from the low-frequency range, no extraneous sounds can be heard in the cabin. I only pumped up a not very comfortable suspension that can satisfy only modest requests, but such a "disease" is typical for almost all Asian pickup trucks.

Aktion Sport is an excellent aggregate with allcharacteristic features of the SUV. Muscular appearance and dynamic forms successfully complement the already extraordinary extravagant design. All automotive aesthetes and gourmets will be pleased with the powerful hood, tapering towards the front, massive bumpers, expressive optics and the characteristic shape of the radiator grille. If we talk about the appearance of Action Sport in general, then, of course, it embodies the most daring design decisions.

Aktion sports reviews
What can I say, if the exterior of a pickup truck is the work of the creators of such world famous and revered brands as Bentley and Aston Martin. A good argument, is not it?

The Korean pickup truck is developed by joint effortslocal designers and Mercedes-Benz technicians, so it is not surprising that the safety of the car is given special attention. A high level of protection is designed to provide a body frame structure, a package of "bad roads", shockproof door amplifiers, reinforced suspension, front airbags and safety systems ABS and EBD.

Korean autoconstructors can be entered in the assetAktion Sports. Reviews of car owners will only confirm the above assumption. Yes, the pickup is not without flaws, but at its more than interesting price it was not possible to reveal any serious flaws. The car remains a niche brand, it can continue to count on its customers. Technically simple, but at the same time a solidly built and inexpensive pickup is a beautiful workhorse adapted to heavy loads.

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