Carburettors "Pekar" always differed highreliability, and car owners practically do not have any serious problems with them. But for the device to show really high efficiency, it is important to properly adjust it. On how well and finely tuned tuning, the resource of the motor will depend. Let's see how the adjustment of the carburetor K-151 is carried out. The process is simple, but quite responsible.

Why adjustment?

This knowledge is necessary for the engine to function properly.

carburetor adjustment to 151
Correctly to adjust the mechanism it is necessary and for that,that the fuel consumption was at an acceptable level, but the power and torque did not fall. Incorrectly exposed jets will contribute to over-consumption of the mixture, which can be 2-2.5 times more than usual.

Variants of fuel mixture formation

Experts distinguish between several optionsthe ratio of fuel to air for motors. The most optimal is the proportion where one part of gasoline has 15 parts of air. There is also a more effective mixture. Here the proportion is one part of the fuel for 12.5-13 parts of air. This mixture is the richest. The car will quickly gain momentum, but the fuel consumption will also be quite high. For those who like to save money, there is also a variant of mixture formation. Here, one part of the gasoline accounts for 16-16.5 parts of air. The car practically does not lose in dynamics.

carburetor to 151 adjustment
Adjustment of carburetor K-151 allows the ownerTo adjust the unit to the existing need and own wishes, but if the engine's operation is stable and generally suits the owner, the setting can be postponed.

About carburetor maintenance

However, there are cases when, without adjustment,do without. The disadvantage of all carburettors is their ability to clog. Today, at gas stations, it is often possible to fill in a tank with low-quality fuel. Yes, someone will say that there is a fuel filter. But often he can not cope with the small mote, which fall into the carburetor K-151. Jets are clogged, as a result, fuel can no longer enter the chambers in full. To clean them, you can not use pieces of wire - just a non-contact spray cleaner.

carburetor to 151 device adjustment
Also, the need for tuning can arise,when some elements of the unit fail. The failed elements are changed to new ones, but without tuning to the optimal work, one should not count.

Can I ignore it?

Adjusting the carburettor "Pekar" K-151 will helpavoid increased fuel consumption or vice versa, inadequate supply to the engine. The consequence of a lack of gasoline in the mixture may be a decrease in engine power.

carburetor to 151s adjustment
In addition, if the settings were not met orare made incorrectly and in this condition the device has been used for a long time, the motor parts may fail. Engine repair in modern conditions is not cheap. Therefore, it is better to spend a little time and adjust the carburetor K-151. Adjusting it is a simple procedure. The maintenance is reduced to washing and blowing, and all this can be done in the conditions of a conventional garage using conventional tools.

How to regulate idling

On the units of the plant "Pekar" this operation is veryis important. If XX is adjusted, the engine will please the owner with steady work. Also in exhaust gases, there are practically no harmful emissions. Such a car will not cause significant harm to the environment. If the car is operated for a long time, and the fuel and air filters are clogged, then fuel consumption will increase significantly at idle.

carburetor to 151 nozzles
Adjustment of carburetor K-151 consists ofa few simple steps. The first thing to do is start and warm up the engine. Then on the shank, find the screw that is responsible for the quality of the mixture. It is equipped with a limiter that does not allow it to rotate. This limiter must be removed. Next, configure the element responsible for the quality of the mixture. Rotating it, looking for a position in which the crankshaft idling will pick up most of the revolutions. Then adjust the screw, which is responsible for the quantity. The speed of rotation of the crankshaft is increased by another 100-200 rpm. When the element responsible for quality is twisted, the crankshaft rotates at a lower speed. It remains only to set the optimum frequency. With this setting, the machine has the maximum dynamics and economical fuel consumption.
carburettor adjustment to 151
All done right, if at the time of wrappingThe screw speed control will start to decrease. This is a sign of depletion of the combustible mixture. If there is no speed drop, most likely the unit is defective or clogged. In the latter case, it can be "reanimated" with a carburetor cleaner. But it is impossible to do this without an analysis of the mechanism.

How is the level of fuel in the float chamber regulated?

The correctness of this setting determines the amountfuel that will be used by the engine. If the level is set incorrectly, there will be an increased fuel consumption. Still there is a variant when the carburettor submits in chambers of combustion a mix without gasoline - only one air. An incorrect level can lead to significant fuel costs or serious engine repairs. Not only the unit from Pekar is sensitive to this level, but also the majority of other analogues, regardless of the manufacturer. Adjustment of carburetor K-151 will be carried out with the help of tools - you need a ruler and a drill with a diameter of 2 millimeters. The first thing is to find the most flat place - so work much more comfortable. Then it is necessary to remove the air filter. After that, start the engine and leave it so for five minutes. Then the lid is removed from the carburettor and the fuel level is measured by the ruler. Measurements should be done as quickly as possible. When the chamber is open, gasoline evaporates from it - the engine and the power system is warmed up, and this further accelerates the evaporation.

adjustable carburetor gazelle to 151
For the K-151 model, the normal level is2.15 centimeters. This is how the manufacturer guarantees good operation of the device. If the level is higher or lower than the norm, you must configure it. Adjustment is a change in the position of the float.

Carburetor K-151: adjustment of floats

To properly adjust the fuel levelit is recommended to find in advance some device that could help with the measurements. Any object with a diameter of up to two millimeters is suitable. Then you should turn the unit over and put it in the most flat place - this will increase the chances of making the measurements correctly. Next, see the clearance from the bottom of the float to the liner made of cardboard. The normal distance on the working carburettor is not more than two millimeters. If the fuel level in the float chamber is incorrect, the tongues are bent. Then all measurements are taken again - each time you need to check whether everything is correct. The most common today is the float device (such as the carburetor K-151). The device, the adjustment of the units are as simple as possible, and the design allows obtaining stable characteristics of a mixture of fuel and air.

We measure the positions using a caliper

A depth gauge will be used. Measured from the very top of the float to the cardboard pad. The normal result, in which you do not need to adjust anything else, is 3 centimeters.

Is everything done right?

Adjustment of the carburetor "Gazelle" K-151 canit is wrong to do it yourself due to the fault of the owner. It is necessary to know exactly whether everything is set up. For testing, the unit cover is laid vertically. Then carefully inspect the tab on the lever. If the adjustment is carried out correctly, it will slightly weaken the ball-damper of the needle valve. Also, the tongue is practically in parallel with the needle valve. The axis of the punching of the float must be equal to the surface of the lid.

Setting the trigger

The launch system is considered one of the most important. She reports the start of the engine. If the elements of the system are not working properly, this is a serious repair. Often it happens that, with complete serviceability of all components, the starting system does not function as intended by the manufacturer. Adjustment of carburetor K-151 (UAZ including) should be carried out only on completely removed unit.

carburettor adjustment to 151 UAZ
The first thing is to open the throttle andfind the control lever of the starting system. It is turned to the stop and fixed. Then, when the throttle valve is released, measure the clearance between the edge of the flap and the chamber. It should be approximately 1.5 mm. Then unscrew the lock nut. It will help to work with the emphasis in the form of a screw on the throttle lever. Turn the screw every half turn. As a result, the element will be perpendicular to the cam. Then the length of the thrust is measured and, if necessary, adjusted. This is the thrust by which the cam of the trigger is connected to the levers on the axis of the air damper. When the latter is closed, and the lever is at this moment wrapped up to the stop, the clearance should not be more than 0.2-0.8 mm. If it is not, unscrew the thrust head. To reduce the gap, the head is tightened, reducing the length of the thrust.


The carburettor is an important device in the car. It provides the engine with fuel. For everyone who has a carburetor K-151C, the adjustment will now not be difficult. After the adjustment, it is necessary to run a break-in test in order to identify and eliminate the shortcomings.

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