Radar detectors have long been known by Russianmotorists. The device for a few years has passed a serious modernization path and today it is almost a multifunctional complex with a rich set of assistants. So, if in the choice of the first models the buyer basically focused on the "long range" of the device, today this parameter is practically abolished, and the quality of signal processing and ergonomic advantages came to the fore.

Also the question of what good anti-radarscan be found on today's car market, is decided by the price criterion. Of course, for a lot of money you can find high-quality equipment, but not every driver can afford it.

General information on anti-radars

The main function of any radar detectoris to alert the user to the approaching fixing point of the traffic violation. If previously such models were guided by signals of direct approximation to the sources of fixation, then the modern antiradar with GPS works on the principle of navigational orientation. That is, its effectiveness in terms of detecting the GIBDD fixing device is determined by the quality of interaction with satellite systems. In addition, the user service of the detector in terms of updating the geolocation charts is of no small importance.

what good anti-radars

Despite the apparently simple function, the definitionThe value of a specific radar model is based on a variety of criteria. For example, to find out which good anti-radars, and which are ineffective, will help and analyze the capabilities of the equipment to identify those or other signals from stations detecting the fact of exceeding the speed limit.

Basic characteristics of radar detectors

The primary property that determinesthe overall quality of the apparatus, is the detection distance of the signal. The fact is that the database from the navigator gives only a map of labels, but not always it corresponds to the real state of affairs. Distance range in modern models varies from 200 to 500 m on average. The specific distance on which different models of antiradars operate depends on many parameters. It is affected by both the type of processor installed in the stuffing, and the radio sensors, but mainly depends on the type of the radar itself. Most models are guided by the detection of "Shooter" in different versions. We can say that the most effective devices are able to catch radiation locks at long distances of about 500 m.

Reviews about models «Cobra»

Under the brand "Cobra" technologicalmodels that can work with virtually all types of radars, including radar ones. As noted by users, in classical designs, the anti-radar "Cobra" is able to fix the "trap" after 400-500 m, but in some cases there is still a dependence on the satellite database tagging.

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One of the most popular and successful modificationsthe device is RU 955CT. Users indicate the ability of the model to detect with some degree of accuracy all versions of short-pulse radars. There is also a convenience in terms of setting the device. For example, to save the user from unnecessary trouble, the developers have provided special modes of operation. In addition, the anti-radar "Cobra" is equipped with the option of eliminating false positives. And if in competitive modifications the filtering in most cases gives a low percentage of accuracy, then in the model RU 955CT the coefficient is sufficiently optimized.

Comments about Storm models

Korean manufacturer Storm is also onefrom the leading representatives of the segment of automobile radio equipment. Most models come with a GPS module, which, however, it is not always possible to guess without looking at the instructions. A special interest for users is the modification of STR-9520EX Storm. Antiradar in this version allows you to adjust the speed, but the range may vary depending on traffic conditions, which causes critical reviews. But to ergonomic advantages it is possible to carry a remarkably distinct and simple updating of a DB through an official site.

In general, the owners of this device are highevaluate the basic radar detection function. On the other hand, the grayness of the design solution is often noted, which is often the fault of the Storm models. Anti-radar from Korean developers is also expensive, but for optimal performance it is always necessary to overpay.

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Model Reviews Sho-Me

Another Korean developer who is willing tosupplies the market is not cheap devices. In this case, it is worth considering a budget model, which is quite consistent with its performance properties to some premium competitors. This is the G800 anti-radar, among the pluses of which users mark "omnivorous", a wide range of settings and a well-executed screen. The only problem is that there are misfires with lasers. To minimize omissions, experienced drivers recommend carefully working with a comparison of vehicle speed and settings for database limits.

Reviews of Crunch models

The brand Crunch is less well-known, but it also excelledthe release of a good technical quality solution 221B STR. The practice of operating the model shows that the device confidently works with cameras and radars covering the ranges K, X and Ka. Many also note the effectiveness of the system, which protects against detection.

If we talk about weak spots, the radar detectorCrunch in the modification 221B STR is poorly optimized for clipping of false signals. However, with proper handling of the settings for driving modes in the city and on the road, this percentage can be significantly reduced.

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When choosing this model, one should also take into accountone nuance that can go both in pluses and minuses. The fact that the anti-radar Crunch gives the user a wide range of individual adjustments. This concerns the operation of both the display and the direct detection capabilities of radar sockets. Of course, an inexperienced user can turn to the optimal factory settings or use automatic settings, but this is the case when system assistants do not guarantee maximum efficiency of the device.

Whistler Reviews

The Philippine equipment isthe domestic market is wide, and there are quite reasonable grounds for this. Experienced car owners recommend not to save and purchase a Whistler radar in premium versions. This product justifies the price tags from 10 thousand rubles.

In particular, in this segment,showed the model Pro-99ST. According to the owners, the device is good in many respects. As an example, the effectiveness in detecting radial stations and pleasant details in the form of a solid design and ergonomically thought out menu lead also.

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As for the shortcomings, then they are present. The most annoying for many users was the inconvenient database update system. It turns out that the Whistler radar detector is potentially located to ensure high detection results, but the process of bookmarking information causes difficulties. However, the experience of many motorists shows that after some time of operation and to solve this shortcoming, you can adapt.

What should be the optional equipment?

Manufacturers tend to offer smallThe dimensions of the device, which at the same time are distinguished by simple control. Accordingly, the introduction of additional functions is almost not practiced. This privilege, rather, is assigned to navigation devices.

Nevertheless, premium models in the interests ofIncreasing competitive qualities still receive new technological improvements. Another thing is that they are all grounded on improving the quality of basic functions. So, in the question of which good anti-radar can be paid attention from the point of view of optional equipment, it is important to take into account the communication capabilities and the widening range of the device. For the technological communication is responsible for the Bluetooth-module, through which the user can perform an update directly through the smartphone.

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With regard to the extension of the coverage of the apparatus,the new expensive models in addition receive the so-called horn antennas. With such equipment, the radar detector for the car increases the range of action and adds to the sensitivity indicators, which, in turn, qualitatively affects the reduction of false positives.

How to choose the best radar detector?

Essential in the choice isthe ability of the detector to work with different types of radars. High accuracy of detection of the entire spectrum of fast-fixing fasteners, close to 100 percent, can not be provided today by any mass distribution device. Therefore, you should immediately focus on specific needs. The main division according to this criterion takes place according to modern radial stations.

Therefore, if financial resources permit, thenboldly you can purchase models that fix the "beam" even with 200 m. At great distances, even premium devices are unstable. Also, the optimal anti-radar for a car must meet the requirements for ergonomics. It is desirable to focus on the compactness of dimensions, ease of updating the database, as well as the quality of the technical basis, which is determined by the novelty of the processor.

Price issue

As the review showed, even budget devicescan detect the most common in Russia radar traffic police. And the model G800 from the company Sho-Me does it with enviable accuracy and costs only 4,5-5 thousand rubles. Solving the question of what good anti-radar can be paid attention in higher segments, it is worth to prepare for the amounts of 10-15 thousand. For this money, the device must efficiently process the main radar signals, cope with beam locks, and also contain modern technological improvements.


In parallel with the development of radar detectorsImproved and the arsenal of traffic police. A wide variety of stations fixing speed violations complicates the work of manufacturers of protective devices. But the fact that the principle of the action of all possible "Shooter" remains unified, makes the situation not hopeless.

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In modern versions, a high-quality anti-radarGPS provides the target equipment detection function with varying degrees of accuracy. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to calculate in advance what device will be effective in specific operating conditions. For this reason, many motorists need only rely on more explicit selection criteria, including ergonomics, reliability, functionality and, of course, cost.

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