Rally is a kind of racing. They pass on the tracks, which can be both open and closed. Cars for competitions are selected special or modified.

Value in different dictionaries

What is a rally? If we consider the dictionary Ozhegova, then the so-called auto- or motorcycle racing, which are held on special machines. In the encyclopaedic dictionary, the meaning is more developed: these are sports competitions in which cars or motorcycles specially prepared for arrivals are used. They are conducted with the exact observance of the specified schedule for the specified route.

What is a rally? Additional Competitions

But not only the race is understood by the word "rally". The meaning of the word is much wider. This concept can be designated as a complex competition in motor sport. At the same pilots are obliged to strictly observe the given schedule, moving along the indicated route, which passes both along ordinary roads and on special sections.

rally it

In additional competitions included racing on the highway,hippodromes, mountain roads, etc. There is even a separate direction - figure driving the car. Cars are most often used for cars with design changes.

Modern rally (the meaning of the word to us alreadyit is clear) is an even broader concept. Standard - this is a car race in a circle (ring), the size of which is from 1000 to 2000 kilometers; Additional competitions can be conducted on the routes with a length of 20 to 40 km. With long races, up to three days, the rally can even be round the clock. During the rest for the pilots, special closed parks are organized, where there is a strict mode of car service, entry and exit.

Rules of racing

There are limitations here that pilotsmust comply. Rally - this is a race that takes place on ordinary roads. In this case, the rider passes through the control points, where they are observed by observers. The maximum speed is possible only in special areas (called DOP or SS), which overlap for the rally. On following the rest of the way, pilots are required to comply with all traffic rules, but at the same time there is a strict time for the passage of the entire route.

 what is rally

Rally in the pre-war time

This term was first used in 1907. The first race was held in Monte Carlo. Until 1912 the term did not exist, only this year the word "rally" was used for the first time. This happened on the car race on the route between Rouen and Paris. They caused great interest in society. Prizes were awarded, based on reports of observers who then sat in each car.

It was these races that were the beginning of the competitionbetween cities, and not only in France. They were "picked up" in other European countries. There are certain rules that exist even to this day:

  • the pilots start separately;
  • control points;
  • travel notes;
  • driving on ordinary gravel roads, regardless of weather conditions.

Rally in the postwar period

During the First and Second World Warscompetitions were not held. Only after the war, the races began to revive. 1950 is considered the "golden age" of this sport. Races had their names, depending on the country in which the rally was held: Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Tulip, Sweden, Thousand Lakes (now Finland), Acropolis and many others . European big championship had 10 to 12 stages, which were to be overcome by racers.

Rally Race

The beginning of the races in European countries

Italy held races, which were not yet calledrally, since 1895. One of the most serious passed only in 1897. The route stretched from Lake Maggiore to Stresa with the subsequent return to the point of departure. After that, the race acquired a traditional character.

England "merged" into the rally in 1900, when it wasorganized a 15-day visit between the major cities of the country. Participation was accepted by 70 cars. They could be seen closer to the stops and while the pilots were resting.

In Germany, the race began in 1905. On the road there were, in addition to high-speed sections, climbs uphill. Only cars of a certain class were allowed. Since 1906 the rally has become a separate sport.

rally meaning of the word

Rally today

Special short areas were invented, inmostly on gravel roads. They are located away from ordinary traffic and houses. They are kept on a separate account in time. The heaviest and uncompromising was the Liège rally, but in 1964 the track became so difficult that it was already impossible to ride it.

Now the rally (the race) has become a separate international sport. The nature of the events has changed little. Because of the growing costs, the distances, the number of night races and the number of stages were reduced.

What kinds of rallies exist

They are divided into two main ones. The first pass through special routes and are called "combat". Racing has acquired a professional direction since the 1960s. They are held in areas that are closed from the rest of the movement. Such a route can be laid along mountain passes, forest trails, snow, ice and deserts.

rally photo

The second - on public roads. Р3К - «rally of the third category». These races appeared earlier than on special routes. They are conducted on ordinary roads, and the emphasis is on the accuracy of navigation and timetables, the reliability of the car, not speed. The trails here are long and complex. Such competitions are considered amateur.

There is also a separate, third kind - Р2К - «rallysecond category ", otherwise - an auto race. Their principle is concluded in the regularity of motion. High-speed road sections are excluded, as are many other elements and rules of the competition. Such a rally is a team movement, where mutual assistance and strict discipline are important. It is also called tourist.

Rally-cross - what is it?

This is the race that takes place at the roundaboutground track. Such a rally (race) is quite spectacular, since spectators can watch almost all the track completely. Racing in this case is not on time, the pilots compete with each other. Often there are touching machines. Additional difficulties in the race are small pits and any road irregularities, springboards, ascents and descents (often steep).

There is an autocross on simple cars or buggies (single cars with external wheels and frames) are used. The second for the competitions are adjusted specifically.

rally cross

In all countries rally cross is racingcompetition. But, for example, in the US they are considered a separate sport, more like a slalom, where in general there are single races. And they pass along a flat road, covered with asphalt and marked by small special cones.

In Russia, now the autocross is held onconverted UAZs. This rally, a photo of which you can see in our article, is holding the final stage already by the established tradition on the last October Sunday. The route for this is selected special, next to Ulyanovsk. And the autocross "Silver Rook" is held at the circuit of the KVC, in Togliatti.

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