Chrysler Sebring
"Chrysler Sebring" is rightfully considered the mostcomfortable sedan of the American concern. The given model was made in three versions of bodies: a compartment, a sedan and a cabriolet. Its release began in 2000, the restyling version was released in 2003, and production ended in 2006. This car perfectly combines excellent technical characteristics, stylish design and a high level of comfort. It will satisfy even the most demanding car enthusiast, besides all models are offered with various variants of basic and optional equipment.

Varieties of engines of the "Chrysler Sebring"

The latest models are more sportydesign and have many pleasant bonuses in the form of leather seats, climate control, an acoustic system with a DVD player, a radio, an electrochromed rear-view mirror, etc. Sedans that debuted in 2006 went to the Western Europe market with 2-liter petrol (156 hp) and turbocharged diesel (140 hp) motors, equipped with only a MCP. But on the Russian market, versions are more powerful - with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder (170 hp) engine and a 2.7-liter V6 engine (188 hp), equipped with hydromechanical automatic boxes, in which there is a function of "manual" gear selection. In the European petrol version of the Chrysler Sebring, the price starts at 25,500 euros, while the more powerful 2.4 liter cars for Russia cost from 25,900 euros.

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Main technical characteristics

All Chrysler Sebring models arefront-wheel drive. The main box of the car is a 4-speed automatic, but there are also modifications with 5-speed manual gearboxes. The car is equipped with an independent front suspension with wishbones and a rear independent multi-link suspension. With regard to the Chrysler Sebring chassis, the feedback from the owners is completely positive - all the mechanisms are quite reliable and durable. But here the shock absorbers and the ball of the lower lever require special attention and timely maintenance. The steering system is a rack and pinion with a hydraulic booster. Front and rear brakes are disc brakes, and the ABS system is provided in the basic configuration of all modifications.

Design of the car "Chrysler Sebring"

Chrysler Sebring Price

Its name was given to the model in honor ofthe famous race track Sebring, located in Florida. For Americans, this track is a real shrine, so the designer-developers of the car was given a great responsibility. As a result, Sebring combined the American spirit of freedom and European dynamics and practicality. According to the American classification, this model belongs to the medium-sized class of cars, and according to the European classification - to the E-class (car dimensions are 4844х1792х1394 mm). The design of the latest models can be called extremely specific: a large branded radiator grille with Chrysler symbols, an elongated bonnet, a short trunk, impressive wheel arches and a mass of chrome parts - all this set visually increases the size of the car, creating the image of a real "American", powerful and reliable .

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