Cylinder head gasket is flatrubber-metal element, which performs the function of sealing the engine parts. This part is located in the place of connection between the head and the unit. In fact, this element is connected directly with three systems - oil, gas distribution and cooling system. Therefore, despite its simple design, it is indispensable in the ICE device, and its lack or inoperability leads to disruption of all three systems, which in the end can lead to complete failure of the engine. That is why it is so important to do timely diagnostics and replacement of the gasket. If in the joints of the unit you detect oil stains or see white smoke from the exhaust pipe, you know: the car needs to replace the cylinder head gasket. How to do it - later in this article.

replacement of a lining of a head of the block of cylinders

Replacement of the cylinder head gasket VAZ 2110-2113

To begin with, we need to prepare a smallmarker in order to further mark all the removed attachments and aggregates. Putting labels on pipelines and other details, you are 100 percent sure that a particular part will be installed in the right place.

Before proceeding with the replacement of the gasket,Rinse the unit thoroughly from oily deposits. If the key comes off the slot, you can stay with bruises and without normal bolts. First, unscrew the nuts in the middle of the tool. Scroll the threads of each half a turn. After that, the replacement of the cylinder head gasket is accompanied by the removal of the head from the fasteners. Now we see a gasket (how much it can be worn out, you can see on the second photo).

replacing the cylinder head
If the part shows obvious holes and cracks (notfactory), you should immediately replace this part. You do not need to untwist any nuts here: access to it is open to you. After removing it, replacing the cylinder head gasket is followed by elimination of oil marks formed on its surface. Then you can safely install a new part. Everything, at this stage, replacement of the cylinder head gasket is completed. Now it only remains to collect all the details back. Time for this you will spend a little if all the components have been pre-marked.

When reinstalling attachmentsshould remember a few rules. The first - the head is installed strictly on the bushings or special grooves for alignment. Second - the tightening of the mounting nuts of the unit should be carried out using a torque wrench. Characteristics and the degree of clamping of bolts for all cars are different, so here we ask for help to the instruction manual.

replacement of the cylinder head gasket VAZ 2110
And finally, advice on what to consider when buyingparts. When you buy a new gasket in a car dealer or on the market, pay attention to the fact that each part has its own properties, calculated for a certain torque. Therefore, in order for the part to last as long as possible, choose the parts that correspond to the parameters of your car. Otherwise, operation may cause the machine to replace the cylinder head. But this, fortunately, happens very rarely, since none of the drivers consciously will not harm their iron friend.

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