Agricultural works literally obligeall modern farmers have a powerful specialized equipment that can perform the functions assigned to it at any time of the year and practically in all weather conditions. One of such high-performance machines, called the MTZ-100 tractor, will be discussed in this article. We will consider all its features and operational capabilities.

Place of production

MTZ-100 is in demand in consumerenvironment by the Belarusian child and is produced at a tractor factory located in Minsk. The unit has been produced since 1984 and in its essence is a modernized analog of the MTZ-80 tractor. Modern "weaving" - a combination of a powerful engine, a high-quality and reliable hydraulic system and optimal technical characteristics.

mtz 100


MTZ-100 is included in the number of universal-tilledmachines, the traction class of which is 1.4. The technical capabilities of the tractor make it possible to plow a variety of types of soils with it, it processes almost all types of crops, carries out transportation of goods and performs loading and unloading operations. Also, if necessary, a special hinged or trailed equipment can be installed on the machine without problems. In particular, you can use: plows, cultivators, seeders, potato planers, seedlings, stoogometateli, kopnozy and others.

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The MTZ-100 cabin is located above the rear axlecars. The engine is installed on the front bar, and its reliable fixation is carried out using a hinge-type support. By the way, there is a power steering and radiators of the lubrication and cooling system. In general, the main elements of the tractor are:

  • Semirame.
  • Clutch housing.
  • Bridge.
  • Gear box.

In addition, there is a technical possibilitycoupling the tractor with the side power take-off shaft, pre-heater or drive pulley. Also, in order to ensure the required patency of the machine, it is possible to install the tractor on a crawler track.

Engine description

MTZ-100 has a four-cycle four-cylinder diesel engine D-245, equipped with a turbo. The cylinders are arranged in a row. The volume of the engine is 4.75 liters.

Due to the presence of a turbocharged compressor with adjustable pressure parameters, it is possible to obtain a large torque in combination with very low engine speeds.

The engine is powered by an electric starter. In frosty weather, the start of the motor is simplified by the inclusion of a preheating heater. Additional convenience of starting is guaranteed by glow plugs and oil with low viscosity.

characteristic mtz 100

Driving cab

Characterization MTZ-100 will be incomplete, if notconsider as much detail as possible the driver's workplace. The tractor cab is designed for one person. Its frame is characterized by increased cruelty, which guarantees optimal protection of the operator in the event of an emergency overturning of the machine. Also in the cockpit there is an ejection system for adjusting the air temperature, and additional comfort provides an adequate level of tightness.

The driver's seat is quite soft and can beif desired, adjusted both in the vertical plane and in the horizontal plane. The appropriate mechanisms are located directly in front of the seat. For convenient entrance into the cabin there are two steps, a safety rail and a reclining rudder.

The engine hood is located on the outsidefacing radiator. A special latch reliably fixes it from an unplanned opening. On the sides of the tractor there are wings, the task of which is to protect it from splashing. Coupling qualities of the machine are increased due to the presence of auxiliary goods, located on the front bar and a pair of rear wheels.

mtz 100 specifications

A few words about the transmission

In the described tractor transmission includesitself not only a manual transmission, but also a hydraulic shift mechanism, a rear axle, a clutch and a reducing gear. In total, there are 24 transmissions, of which 16 are intended for forward travel, and 8 - for the rear.


MTZ-100, the technical characteristics of which are given below, is quite simple in management and unpretentious in maintenance. The main technical data of the tractor are:

  • Engine power - 100 horsepower.
  • The specific fuel consumption is 242 g / kW per hour.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 156 liters.
  • The hydraulic system has a lifting capacity of 30 kN.
  • Agrotechnical clearance - 645 mm.
  • The length of the longitudinal base is 2500 mm.
  • The weight of the car is 3750 kilograms.
  • The height is 2790 mm.
  • The length is 4120 mm.
  • The width is 1970 mm.
  • The track of the rear wheels can be adjusted within 1400 - 2100 mm, the front wheels have a value of 1250 - 1850 mm.
  • The maximum speed of movement is 35 km / h.
    mtz 100 102

There is a modernized model MTZ-100 - 102. The novelty has one significant difference from its predecessor, which is that the leading bridge is the front. This machine is designed to work in a much more difficult environment than its predecessor.


It should be noted that those who have been in use"Sotok" is not so much in the market. This tractor, the release of which dates back to the early 2000s, will cost about half a million rubles. If you want to get a more modern model (for example, 2010), then you will have to expect an amount of at least 650,000 Russian rubles.

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