One fine day you sit behind the wheel of yourcar, you insert a key and you try to start the engine. But suddenly the unexpected happened - something is clicking under the hood, but the starter does not twist. That is, there is no whistling sound, after which the vehicle engine comes into operation. This means that somewhere there was a malfunction in the launch system.

click but the starter does not spin
First, we'll figure out what kind of clicks these are,where they come from. Such a sound is produced by the traction relay of the starter. It has a retracting and retentive winding. When the key is turned to the start position, the first one starts to pull the relay core. But the holding winding releases it due to a lack of voltage. Because of this, a click is heard. And as a result - the starter does not turn the engine.

Well and now it is necessary to understand whyThe traction relay can not perform the function assigned to it. The first step is to diagnose the hearing: only a single click is heard, after which silence occurs, or the sound is permanent. It is very important. Based on this simple diagnosis, you can significantly narrow down the range of troubleshooting.

If it constantly clicks, but the starter does not turn, then the reason may be:

the starter does not turn the engine
- The discharged battery. To solve the problem, you must charge it.

- Poor body weight with power unit. In this case, it is necessary to check the relevant contacts and the reliability of their connection. If they are oxidized or contaminated, they should be cleaned using sandpaper. You can also lay an additional mass wire.

- Bad contacts on the battery terminals.

In many cases, the problem with a lack of voltagecan be foreseen. For example, when the starter turns for a long time when the engine is started, you should already look for the reasons for this behavior. It is possible that the source of a bad start is in the battery or wires.

If after turning the key only one click, but the starter does not turn, then in this case the cause of the malfunction may be:

- in a bad engine mass;

- in the unreliable connection of the traction relay with the starter or charring of their contacts;

- in the starter.

long turns starter
Troubleshooting should be carried out in the samesequence as suggested above. That is, first check the engine mass and the reliability of the connections. If the reason lies in them, then the starter will not have to be removed. Otherwise, you can not do without dismantling. In this case, the following starter failures are possible, which do not allow the start system to work properly:

- The wire going from the traction relay to windings of a starter burned down;

- the starter brushes were worn out;

- the starter sleeves have worn out;

- there was a shortage of the armature windings;

- there was an open or short circuit of one of the starter windings;

- the fork of the bendix drive is deformed or broken;

- appeared faces on the teeth of bendiksa.

Here for such reasons under the hood of the transportmeans click, but the starter does not turn the engine. To return to the car in most cases is very easy when checking the electricians and eliminating the identified shortcomings. If the reason lies in the malfunction of the starter itself, in this case it will be necessary to repair it or replace it with a new one.

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