The phrase "German brand" all over the worldis associated with the highest quality of premium products and innovative technologies. For many consumers, this has long become an axiom. For more than 20 years, the specialists of the German company Corratec have been working in this way, producing high quality products created by people for people. Corratec bicycles are manufactured using the latest technology in compliance with the strictest quality control standards.

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Brand Corratec

Under the German brand Corratec are developed andhigh-quality bicycles of unique design are produced. Bicycles Corratec have an individual character and are known all over the world. They have repeatedly been awarded at international exhibitions, and cycling athletes from all over the world have repeatedly won prizes at competitions. In Corratec they never tried to follow the market trends, but focused exclusively on the needs of people. The development and successful implementation of new technologies have made this German company a trendsetter in the world of cycling.

Forms and colors, new technical solutions, newparts and components in combination with high quality production make Corratec bicycles exclusive, ergonomic and convenient for both amateurs and professionals. All known information about the functioning of bicycles is regularly analyzed by the design office of the company, on the basis of which new design ideas are advanced, which determine the further course of development. All developments are protected from borrowing by trademarks and patents.

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At the Corratec plant in Bavaria,the foothills of the Alps, believe that a bicycle is able to open new perspectives to a person, but for this it must satisfy its needs. The production was founded in 1992. Corratec bicycles are assembled on a suspended conveyor with computer control. Initially designed for automotive industry and subsequently reoriented in accordance with the plans and requirements of the glamorous technological line, it is possible to collect 12 different bicycle models in small lots with all the German pedantry, multilevel quality control and time costs, to replace the components.

The wheels are assembled by an industrial robot. The quality of each instance is controlled separately. The tensioning of the spokes and centering are carried out under computer control with an accuracy of 0.3 mm, which eliminates radial and axial runout.


Engineers from Corratec have repeatedly receivedawards for high test results of new designs. In modern models of bikes of this brand 17 patented technological decisions concerning shock absorbers and types of fastening are used. A large number of patents have been received for several types of bicycle frames. Only on the bikes of this brand are used arc-shaped carbon frames SuperBow and all the advantages of the frames of two-suspension models of bicycles X-Force and AirTech. Also patented is the design of the Space Tech frame, with the top of the pipe. Company Corratec - the inventor of a series of tires "полулик" and a profile Diamant which with success are used in many велоревнованиях. The rudder for mountain bikes is designed taking into account the wishes of professional athletes, so the BullBar steering wheel was developed on the basis of the wishes of the athletes of the Corratec team, the numerous winners of international competitions.

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Popular Models

One of the most popular models, of course,is the Corratec X-Vert bike, which is great for training those who are demanding of themselves. Models X-Vert Motion, Halcon, Expert, a variant for women Miss C are created taking into account people's needs in order to bring pleasure from driving everywhere and always. This classic hardtail, made on the frame Carbon 0.2 and Carbon 0.1 using technology TCM +, suitable for both amateurs and fight in the races of any level.

Superfast bike Corratec 29 Superbow Teamfrom the Bow-Hardtail series using the developed and patented Corratec design of Biometric Bow Technology (using the lightest tubes) - a popular model among fans to rush to the goal. Naina Corratec Superbow Team 29 and Superbow Race 29 are made on an aluminum frame 7005 with batting and LPC technology.

The mountain bike models Opiate FX and Opiate FZ with Full-Float VPS technology, Corratec's proprietary design, give excellent grip on the surface when overcoming obstacles.

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Bicycles Corratec: reviews

The owners of Corratec bikes most often note the following positive qualities:

  • Fast.
  • A huge margin of strength of the frame, even with "combat" loads.
  • Balanced frame weight for each model.
  • Excellent braking system.
  • The depreciation system allows you to feel comfortable on any terrain.
  • A good overall impression against the background of the main competitors.

Despite a lot of positive moments and impeccable quality, consumers identify several negative aspects:

  • First of all, when buying a Corratec bike, you will always pay a little for the brand.
  • A slightly controversial body kit, creating the first positive impression, but at the same time causing a desire to change something in the first months of operation.
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