Preheater of a diesel engineis an indispensable device in extreme weather conditions. Most often it is preferred by the inhabitants of the area, where the temperature most of the time in a year does not exceed zero degrees.

diesel pre-heater

The preheater is switched on by means ofremote control. Thus, the car owner will not have to board his vehicle when it is not yet warmed up. At the same time, he will always be fully confident that the car will start in any bad weather. Using the remote control, the car owner, without leaving home, activates the device.

general characteristics

Such a device in the climatic conditions of Russia,of course, is a necessity. After all, most of the year the weather we have is not the most favorable for the operation of the car. Running the engine often becomes problematic. Therefore, thanks to the heater, the life of the diesel unit increases with the convenience of operation.

It's pretty simple to use. The car enthusiast can only choose the appropriate option, and this is the only thing that can be difficult, since the manufacturers of this device already have a lot and choose from a variety of suitable model sometimes becomes a challenge.

Is there an air heater or pre-heater for a diesel engine?

If the motorist wants to get into the already warmed upcar, then without an air device it can not do. Often the machine is heated with a running engine. However, this method can not be called the best. Yes, and fuel consumption with this approach will increase significantly. Therefore, air heaters are part of the standard equipment of many large vehicles. But also for cars the device is capable to profit.

diesel pre-start heaters

Advantages of air heater

Advantages of using the heater are the following:

  • improved review;
  • comfort;
  • increased safety and quality in operation;
  • fuel economy.

In addition to saving fuel and lubricants, it is possible to prevent rapid wear of the engine and reduce the money for its repair and maintenance.

Certainly, the car enthusiast starts to think aboutto purchase a preheater diesel engine in the first place in order to increase convenience in operation. But only for this purpose the air heater is quite suitable. But if you want also that the life of the engine parts increased, it is worth considering the option under consideration. And manufacturers are ready to offer a rich choice of devices.

Advantages of a preheater

It can be activated in the remote mode and is capable of heating the motor up to 25 degrees. The interior of the car at the same time will also become warm, which will greatly increase the convenience in operation.

Among the most important advantages of the device are the following:

  1. The motor starts always without problems. The car owner will save a lot of his nerves and save fuel. Regular and stable starting will increase the service life of engine parts. In addition, the load on the battery will decrease and the amount of harmful emissions will decrease.
  2. Warm interior. This will increase the convenience for the car owner, will protect it, since in this case the risk of diseases will decrease.
  3. Clean glass. An excellent overview will be provided from the very beginning of the trip.

Thanks to all these components, diesel engine preheaters become universal devices for car owners.

A variety of pre-heater models are characterized by different features with their advantages and disadvantages.

pre-start heaters of diesel engine binary

A difficult choice

To answer a question about whichPre-heater diesel engine is better to buy, you need to consider different nuances. This is the frequency of use of the vehicle, and the features of the car itself, as well as the conditions of its operation and the duration of the engine.

If the climatic conditions aresatisfactory, then there is no special need for a device. Also, if the car is most of the time in a heated garage, the heater is hardly required. Another thing is if the car is operated in a harsh climate, where usually a long and frosty winter. Then the preheater will be really in demand.

Naturally, a modern new car is easyIt will also start in the cold, but the wear of its engine parts will accelerate, as they are subject to additional and heavy load. Therefore, those car enthusiasts who want the vehicle to serve as long as possible should take care of it and purchase a diesel pre-heater.

Reviews of those who already use the device inmostly positive. Someone prefers models of domestic production, but someone chooses only imported ones. Both have their own merits and demerits.

pre-start heaters of diesel engine

Consider the brands that are most in demand among motorists.

Electric heater

Electric pre-heatersThe diesel engine is powered by a 220V network. This device differs relative simplicity and low price. It will be the best option for those cars that are part of the time in the garage, and sometimes - in the parking lot on the street. It is clear that it requires power from the network. Therefore, such a device is not the most convenient, since before starting the motor it will have to be connected to the network. Some models of such heaters have a fan that allows heating the interior.

In form, the device is a conventionalboiler with antifreeze in the cooling system. This option is the most budgetary. You can find cheap models of domestic production with minimal functionality.

Heaters of foreignproduction, which are protected from overheating. And some choose such devices that have many functions, including charging on the battery and a start-up timer.

Offline Devices

In contrast to the above, for thesedevices do not need to be connected to the mains. In order for autonomous devices to work, it is enough to have fuel in the car, with the help of which they function. Diesel fuel forcibly circulates coolant over a small radius.

pre-start heaters of diesel engine KAMAZ

In the small arc enters the stove. Therefore, the car as a result of the device becomes completely warm. The equipment provides enhanced functionality, as well as protection against overheating.

When using the car constantlyextreme conditions, of course, it is better to purchase this type of device. Given the features of the engine and opting for a model of a proven manufacturer, the car enthusiast will ensure a comfortable ride from the very start of the engine, slow down the wear and tear and spare parts from unforeseen situations when the engine simply does not start.

"Teplostar", "Binar" and "Kamaz"

Since 1995, the company pre-start heaters of the diesel engine "Teplostar" and "Advers" produce jointly. Among the models you can find both liquid and air devices.

The most common of these steelpre-start heaters of diesel engine "Binar" and "Teplostar", and also air devices "Planar". They all have a compact size, they are simply installed and controlled and very accurately show the temperature data.

Domestic models are distinguished by an acceptable pricewith a decent quality. Sometimes such devices are purchased for installation on trucks. But for "KAMAZ" they use the long-established special pre-start heaters of the diesel engine "Kamaz".

The battery with such a device will not be dischargednever, since here the regular stove always works. If you need to wait for loading / unloading, there is no need to warm up at idle, squandering a large amount of fuel. At the same time, the resource of the motor will be saved each time by 400 kilometers (this is how much it takes for the parts to wear out with the cold start at Kamaz).

pre-heater diesel engine hydronic

Webasto or Hydronic

Those who trust only foreign manufacturers, it is worth paying attention to the preheating heaters of the diesel engine Webasto and Hydronic.

The first are represented by three models:

  • E - for cars;
  • C - for engines from 2200 cubes;
  • R - for SUVs, minivans and minibuses.

The advantages of models include the availability ofautomatic programmable timer and remote control. And to the minuses - the possible solidification of the liquid crystal screen and the high cost of equipment.

The preheater heater of the diesel engine "Hydronic" is produced in five modifications:

  • 4 - for small cars with engine volume up to two liters;
  • 5 - for vehicles with an engine of more than two liters;
  • МΙΙ - for trucks and special equipment - from 5,5 to 15 liters;
  • ΙΙ Comfort - for engines from two liters;
  • LΙΙ - for trucks and special equipment - over 15 liters.

Devices are able to self-diagnose, however, they can often clog up glow plugs, which will have to be changed at their own expense.

Pre-heater for diesel engine

Some car owners prefer to do everything themselves. Consider what is a homemade heater and how to make it.

The device includes a smallchamber-boiler, where a fuel-air mixture and a component for its arson are supplied. Diesel fuel here comes directly from the fuel tank. The heater has a coolant circuit, which heats up and transfers heat to the space after a transition to a small circuit.

To make this device, you will need:

  • heater, which is quite suitable for a spiral from an electric kettle;
  • fittings;
  • tank;
  • junction box.

Preparing and installing the device

Fittings for fuel are installed and reinforced to the bottom of the tank. Another choke is sealed in the wall to bleed air. A heater is attached to the cover, and its contacts are led out.

The connection is made through a prepared junction box. Then the wire at any time can be unfastened and removed.

Then the tank is sealed with epoxy resin and hoses are connected.

It is possible to install the device into the machine in various ways, for example, by using an additional circuit that warms the engine oil.

Of course, this method is used only inIf it is not possible to purchase a ready pre-start heater for a diesel engine, the price for which varies from several thousand rubles, and in some models exceeds a hundred.

diesel pre-heater

But it's better to shell out and trust professionally prepared heaters.

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