car body polish

Polishing the body of a car is not a methodonly to give a sparkle to his iron friend, but also to eliminate the various microcracks that arose on the surface of his body during prolonged use. Also with this process, you can protect the car from unwanted penetration of small particles of road dust into the bumper and other parts of the lining, which form the data of cracks and scratches. But how long will such "protection" serve and whether it is possible to restore the former appearance of the machine after the formation of numerous traces of corrosion and dents? The answers to these and many other questions you will find in our article.

What happens if the car body is not polished regularly?

After 6 months of operation on the body of thisthe vehicle will be formed the first microcracks and other defects, which certainly does not give the car a chic look. Then, after a while, these cracks will cause corrosion, as body defects leave the metal exposed to the external environment (there is no more priming or varnish on it). The extent of the spread of rust on the car will never stop, unless the car enthusiast does not complete the painting of the car. And even after a few months, with a small scratch of the size of 1 centimeter, the process of corrosion can begin, which will corrode all the metal to the base.

nano body polishing


Polishing car body performs immediatelyseveral functions. The first is protective, and the second - cosmetic. In the first case, polishing forms a small outer layer, which serves as a kind of barrier to the penetration of various road dust into the paintwork. In addition, this layer is able to protect the body from sand, salt and even dirt, which flies towards the car at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. In the second case, the same layer gives the machine more shine, that is, it returns its original appearance.

Types of polishing

At the moment there are two varietiespolish - this is normal and recovery. In the first case, car body polishing is applied regularly for the purpose of prevention, in order to maintain the same state of paintwork. You can apply it yourself with a simple rag. The second type is, rather, professional body polishing. And all because, unlike usual, this process implies a complete restoration of the previous characteristics of the body. Usually this is done in neglected cases, when the machine is completely covered with microcracks. As a result of a long and painstaking work, the automakers manage to remove from the body such defects as scratches, oxidized layers, as well as various wiping.

professional body polishing
It is also worth noting that the recoveryNano-polishing of the body eliminates only shallow traces of damage. This means that it does not remove any dents. To do this, there is a more primitive way - putty. Only it will be able to eliminate body defects and dents of about 2 centimeters deep.

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