In the article you will learn howadjustment of the carburetor "Solex 21083". It is possible to carry out this work quite quickly. Unless, of course, you are going to carry out the improvement (tuning) of the fuel injection system. It is worth noting that the carburetor is the basis of the power system, it is with it that the correct mixture formation is made for subsequent feeding into the motor cylinders. And on how well this device works, the technical condition of the entire car depends. As for carburetors 21083, these are very reliable devices that can serve without tuning for a long time. Provided that their mode of operation is close to ideal.

Basic information

carburetor adjustment солек 21083

Carburetors "Solex" are different, but onIn fact, the basic design is installed on the VAZ-21083. It uses the minimum cross sections of the diffusers. It is worth noting that such carburetors can only be used on cars, the volume of which is not more than one and a half liters. It should also be noted that this carburetor can be installed not only on the VAZ-2108 engine and similar, but also on the engines of the cars of the "classic" series. They are easily installed carburetor "Solex 21083". The circuit of this device is given in the article.

"Solex" as a subject for tuning

There is a very large playground for bingofantasy, if you are going to do a tuning of the injection system. You can baste the carburetor under a different diameter diffusers. As for the installation on motors, the volume of which is more than one and a half liters, this is not recommended, since at a high crankshaft speed it is not able to work normally. And adjustment of the carburetor "Solex 21083" will not help, as it is not intended for engines with a large volume. It should also be noted that the carburetor of the eight makes a poor mixture. Therefore, when installed on other motors you will need to perform the selection of jets, as well as their replacement.

Start adjustments

carburetor nozzles sollex 21083

Note that adjusting the carburetor"Solex 21083" begins with the adjustment of the minimum level in the float chamber. To perform this procedure correctly, you will need a special template. The position of the floats should be at a certain distance from the cover. After this you can start setting the idling speed. To do this, it is necessary to completely tighten the screw that regulates the quality of the mixture. Then unscrew it for five or six turns. After that, it is necessary to unscrew the screw that regulates the amount of the mixture, ensuring that the vacuum disappears in the tube connecting the carburettor and the ignition distributor. Next, you need to press the gas pedal sharply to check whether the engine will be able to operate in transient modes, if the Solex 21083 carburetor is so tuned. The scheme of elements and nodes of this device is given in the article.

Idling adjustment

tuning carburetor solex 21083

Then pay attention to the tachometer. It should be about 800 revolutions. If more, then you need to use the quantity screw to reduce the speed by twisting it. In the same case, if the speed is below 800 rpm, it is necessary to tighten the quality screw of the mixture until the engine normalizes its operation. But on this adjustment carburetor "Solex 21083" is not finished. Your task is to maximize the depletion of the working air-fuel mixture. Note that when the screw is screwed in, the mixture becomes poor. Consequently, this is reflected in the CO2 level. Now you need to screw the amount to achieve normal speed. If it is a question of a warm mode of the year, then it should be set in the range of 800-900 rpm. In winter it is better to increase this value by about 100 revolutions.

Selection and installation of jets

That's all, the carburetor setting "Solex 21083"it is now possible to talk about another important moment. For the carburetor VAZ-2108, you need to pick up the jets, and always take into account the volume of the engine. The more this indicator, the less jets should be. The reason for this is that, with a larger volume, there is an increase in air passing through the diffuser. Consequently, this leaves its imprint on the consumption of gasoline. To pick up on the carburetor "Solex" correctly the jets, it is necessary to adhere to a certain algorithm.

First of all it is recommended to select petroljets. Only after them it is necessary to make a selection of air. And first of all, a selection of these devices for the primary camera, after - for the secondary. Please note that jets are not allowed to be cleaned with metal objects. Otherwise they will become worthless. If you decide to install a new carburetor "Solex 21083" (its price is about 3000 rubles), be sure to carry out the adjustment using special equipment.

Improvements to the carburetor

carburetor sollex 21083 scheme

Very often tuning carburetors thatends with increasing the effectiveness of this mechanism. In particular, very often motorists remove the electric drive to work at idle. Of course, in this case there is an increase in gasoline consumption by about 5 percent. But the total capacity of the engine increases. The installation of a needle valve of a different design and the choice of the level of gasoline in the float chamber can also help. By doing this, it is possible to reduce the likelihood that the fuel-air mixture will be too poor in high-power mode. As well as the use of a needle valve made of rubber, allows you to keep the gasoline level as stable as possible. You can also replace the carburetor nozzles "Solex 21083", this will increase the power. True, the consumption of gasoline will also rise.

More serious improvements

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In the carburetors of cars VAZ very oftenproduce "sawing" the throttle. For this, it is necessary to make holes in the throttle flap, whose diameter is somewhat smaller than it was originally. This significantly reduces the level of CO2 in the exhaust gases. But, on the other hand, while working at idle, the CO2 level remains the same, because carburettor "Solex" 21083 works by default. Its device only becomes so that the mixture is distributed more evenly. And you get a saving in gasoline, even if it's insignificant. Maximum can achieve a reduction in gasoline consumption by two percent. After polishing the diffusers, it is realistic to achieve a reduction in aerodynamic losses. Of course, in order to achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to polish them almost in the mirror. This refinement, which will improve the design of the carburetor "Solex". On the other hand, this element of the power supply system works very stably, even without tuning it functions perfectly. True, sometimes you need to adjust the carburetor "Solex 21083".


carburetor sollex 21083 device

In conclusion, I would like to sum up everything thatwas said above. On cars it is desirable to keep the fuel system clean and air supply. To do this, it is sufficient to change the filters of gasoline and air in a timely manner. It should also be noted that excessive wear on the engine - this is an increase in the likelihood that through the breather will begin to penetrate the carbon into the carburettor chamber. If the engine on your car needs repair, do it. If it is not possible to do this, disconnect the breather hose from the air filter housing. Point it under the crankcase of the engine so that the gases do not escape into the fuel supply system. But all the same it is not necessary to tighten with carrying out of major repairs. In his process, it is necessary to repair and defect all attachments. Do not change the carburetor nozzles "Solex 21083" to tuned, if the engine is running on its last breath.

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