Traveling by private car with smallchildren, parents face some problems. The first of these is, of course, how to provide the baby with the most convenient and safe trip. Keep your child all the way on his hands is not very convenient and practical, and ordinary belts does not protect him in the event of an accident. It was for this purpose that a car seat for children was invented. And it is not just an accessory for a parent car, but is a guarantee of comfortable children's travel. Therefore it is very necessary to know how to choose a baby car seat.

These devices are divided into groups independing on weight categories. Group 0 is designed for children who weigh less than 10 kg. These chairs are used for babies up to 9-12 months, and therefore they are made in the form of a cradle in which there is a belt fastened on the tummy, inner head protection and a hood from the sun. The child seat in the car is fastened by means of belts for special brackets which are located on a back seat.

Group 0+ is designed for kids with a weight inthe limits of 13 kg. In this case, the cradles are designed so that it is possible to adjust their position. During the sleep of the child, the cradle is placed horizontally, and when waking up it rises higher. This type of car seats has a handle and can be used as a carrying tool. Buy it can be immediately complete with a baby stroller.

Group 1 is designed for babies 9-18 kg. Absolutely all the seats of the first type have five-point safety belts and are perfect for a long stay on the road, because The backrest can be adjusted in different positions. Additional comfort conditions are created by armrests and high sides.

Group 2-3 is a booster or stand forchild with a weight of 15-35 kg. They allow you to lift a small passenger in a normal seat in order to fasten it with the most common seat belt in the car. They are installed strictly on the back seat in the course of the car.

Group 1-2-3 includes universal chairswith five-point safety belts, which are good for children with a weight of 8-25 kg, and a 36-kilogram child. Their high backrest can be removed if necessary, and the headrest is adjusted in height.

Some parents, before choosingchild car seat, consider a variety of options, among which there are used. However, I must say that buying this accessory for a used car is the same as wasting money. This is explained by the fact that used child car seats can have damage and defects that are invisible at first sight. In addition, there may be no important details.

Parents wondering how to choosechild car seat, it should be remembered that two seat belts are not enough. They should be wide, V-shaped with overlays that soften the pressure.

For toddlers a little older will be usefulSpecial tables for a bottle or a cup, which are attached directly to the child car seat. The smallest you can buy raincoats, mosquito nets, pillows-bagels.

Before choosing a baby car seatfinally, once again think about the accessories that can be used to it. So, for example, it is desirable to buy a collar under his head. With severe braking, the head of a sleeping child may tip over, and the neck or spine may become damaged. A special collar for sleep is fixed as a bib under the chin, which provides a small traveler with safety and comfort during sleep. Children aged less than 3 years will need a leg cover that will accurately fix them and perform the function of the blanket.

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