Modern car owners are trying all kinds ofways to secure their "iron horses". Today, the domestic market has a wide range of anti-theft systems, among which is deservedly high demand for car alarm Cenmax.

Advantages of Cenmax technology

cenmax alarm system
The assortment of this famous Taiwanese brandnow is quite impressive and includes products of different price categories. And it does not matter whether you want to buy some inexpensive security system for the old Zhigulenk or a "heaped" model for a new Mercedes, any Cenmax signaling will be of high quality, reliability and manufacturability. It is thanks to these criteria that this equipment has earned an excellent reputation among car owners.

Constructive and functional features of Cenmax models

The range of Cenmax products includes one-sided and two-sided models.

alarm cenmax instructions
Two-way alarm Cenmax provideshigher protection. The maximum effectiveness of security functions in the models of this series is achieved due to advanced technical solutions that cause high cryptographic stability. In the process of transmitting the radio signal from the remote control to the central unit, the patented KeeLog technology, which implements dynamic coding, is put into operation. This technology works in tandem with an anti-scan system, and this allows you to maximally resist burglary with the help of code grabber or code selection. Also, this security system is equipped with the function "Status memory", preventing the possibility of blocking the device by disconnecting it from the power system. Any, even the most affordable, two-way Cenmax alarm system has these functions, the instruction to which contains a detailed description of all its features that provide effective protection of all exterior elements of the car, as well as its internal space. The devices are equipped with visual, sound and radio alarm functions of the owner and block the engine when trying to unauthorized launch.

Additional functions

cenmax alarm system

In addition to the highest security component, allCenmax devices are also equipped with the most advanced service functions. Their kits differ depending on the price category of a particular model. But even the most simple alarm Cenmax has an autostart function, which works even in cars with manual transmission. As already mentioned, the company produces quite a few different models, but among the most popular today can be attributed devices from the Vigilant line. There is such a Cenmax-alarm system as much as the economy class models, but its functionality far exceeds the security equipment of its price category.

Alarm Set

The standard package includes:

  • control unit with complete installation kit;
  • shock sensor;
  • remote control;
  • a module for communication;
  • led indicator;
  • emergency stop button;
  • instructions.
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