For the first time "Priora" stepped off the assembly line in March 2007year and is still produced. The model was intended to be removed from production, but at the last moment decided not to do so. "Priora" in its entire history has experienced one restyling and a lot of improvements on the technical side. The only thing that did not reach the hands of the engineers-developers of the car "Lada-Priora" - the front suspension. Consider its design, typical faults and repair methods.

front suspension of Prior's fret

The device of regular front suspension

As a prototype of "Lada-Priora" VAZ-2110 was used. The suspension system as a whole remained without major changes. Engineers simply installed springs of a different type and other shock absorbers.

Front suspension of VAZ "Priora" - independenttype, telescopic. At the core - shock absorber racks, as well as barrel springs. Suspension "Priora" is also characterized by the presence in it of lower levers, equipped with extensions. There are stabilizers of lateral stability.

Racks - hydraulic, shock-absorbing. The lower part of them is attached to the swivel fist by two bolts. The upper bolt has a feature. With its help, you can adjust the alignment. On the rack is mounted a spring, as well as a special polyurethane compression stroke buffer. There is also an upper pillar support along with the bearing. This part is attached to the body with nuts. Thanks to the elastic material, this support significantly reduces vibration and allows the rack to swing at the moment of operation.

knock in the front suspension of Prior

A bearing is mounted in this support. It enables the shock absorber to rotate simultaneously with the steered wheels. The swivel fist and front suspension lever ("Priora-Hatchback" is also equipped) are connected together via a ball joint. The braking as well as the traction force is transmitted due to longitudinal stretch marks, which are fixed to the lever and the front support of the cross-members via the silentblock.

In the place of connection of supports, extensions and leversthere are washers. They are designed to adjust the angle of inclination of the rotation axes. The swivel fist has inside the closed bearing. The hub is installed inside the element. Further - the bearing is tightened securely with the nut and has no adjustments.


In the system of independent front suspensionstabilizer of lateral stability. As the bar is used. Her "knees" through the posts with hinges are attached to the lower levers. The torsion part is fixed on the body through special brackets and cushions.

front priority lever

Typical malfunctions

Engineers of VAZ in 2007 were required toto release this car, so, as already noted, the suspension from the VAZ-2110 was used almost one in one. Naturally, the children's illnesses were not corrected, and many VAZ-2170 owners are now regularly confronted with them. Let's consider the most typical malfunctions.

Noise or knocking

Knocking in the front suspension ("Priora" -universal, toosuffers from this), and also characteristic noise is one of the signs of a malfunction. This has repeatedly faced all the owners of domestic cars of this family. The chassis maintenance specialists say that in this case, rack failure is possible. Also during operation, the bolts on which the stabilizer bar is attached to the car body are loosened.

More noise can be associated with the wear of the bar itselfno pillows. In the case of racks to get rid of a nasty knock, you only need to replace worn shock absorbers. If the fastener is loosened, it should be tightened. In case of failure of the pillows, they should be replaced. It is not expensive. Now there are any spare parts for Prioru.

Also, a knock can cause a relaxedMounting, on which the upper support is mounted to the body. Specialists recommend tightening the support nuts. Another reason for the noise is the worn rubber element in the pole support. You need to buy a new part and install it. Then the characteristic noise will be gone.

In the case of wear of silent blocks on the levers,stretch marks or pillars, the suspension will also knock. These parts must be replaced. Other faults include worn ball bearings, spring breakages or deformation, compression buffer wear, unbalanced wheels.

Fluid flow from shock absorbers

This problem is often faced by ownerscars "Priora". The front suspension leaks. This happens due to a worn or defective stem seal. Also on the element in the process of exploitation can be formed scuffing, the chromium layer is damaged. The leak is formed due to damage or shrinkage of the O-rings on the body. The solution to these problems is the replacement of the assembly.

which racks are better

The post badly resists at the moment of recoil

Such a malfunction is characteristic when the valverecoil or overflow loses its integrity if there is not enough fluid in the shock absorber. This is due to scuffing on the cylinder, the wear of the fluoroplastic layer. Often there is a spring draft in the recoil valve. Is it possible to repair? "Lada-Priora" in this case is staffed with a new rack. The same malfunctions will be in case the suspension does not resist the compression stage. Symptoms - bumps and noises in the cabin.


If the suspension has often broken through, then there are two options. This is a worn out spring or a failed rack. Repairs should be carried out.

"Lada-Priora" and large gaps in the ball mechanism

The reason for this phenomenon is the deterioration of the working surfaces of the ball bearing. This can be caused by contamination or damage to the anther. Replace the worn parts.

The machine pulls aside

This also sometimes happens with the car "Priora". The front suspension is not to blame here. For example, the withdrawal of a car from a straight trajectory is possible in the event of a different pressure in the tires or the disturbed angle of the wheel installation. A big difference in rubber wear or unbalanced discs is also possible. Also, the car departs from the straight path if the rubber parts in one of the pillars of the racks are destroyed. Unequal elasticity characteristics in springs are possible.

High tire wear

This happens not only due to malfunctions of the suspension.

The tires will wear out badly when braking brakes with complete locking of the wheels. The same effect will be observed when the wheel assembly is incorrectly disassembled and in case of an overload.

repair of the prior mode

Selecting racks

Front suspension ("Lada-Priora" wagon in thatnumber) is no less important than the engine or transmission. Suspension quenches the vibrations that are transmitted to the body from the road through the wheels. The undercarriage should provide stability to the car when driving at high speeds.

If the suspension is too soft, the car will beit is excellent to go in a straight line, but when entering the turn, significant rolls are observed. In the case when it is very hard, there will be no rolls during bends, but there is no smooth running.

But you can find the best option. Now third-party manufacturers offer racks and other spare parts for Prioru. Often these parts are significantly superior in quality and performance to factory ones.

Undercarriage SS20

These spare parts for domestic and foreigncars are produced under the brand "System of Technologies". These racks have become so popular due to their high quality. For "Priora" the manufacturer offers 4 variants of products, which differ in their rigidity. Which stands are better? They need to be selected according to the style of driving. The softest are the racks of the "Standard" series. Also available are the rear shock absorbers from the same series.

spare parts for priory

To increase the carrying capacity, it is proposedreinforced version. Next - the rack "Comfort". According to many car owners, this is the best option. They are tougher than the "Standard", but the suspension works equally well on bad and good roads.

The "Highway" set is suitable for those who likerigidity of the suspension and high speed. With these racks you can ride on bad roads, but it will be uncomfortable. "Sport" is the hardest version from this manufacturer for "Priora" cars. The front suspension of such a plan for the city is of little use, but for sports competitions - just right.


For "Priora" this Japanese brand also offersreliable racks. Often the owners of these cars purchase these products designed for the VAZ-2110. But the dealers have spare parts for the "Priora" series "Kayaba" Exel-G. However, there may be some problems with the installation.


This is a domestic brand. The company offers parts for the "Priora" for the front and rear suspension. As for the racks, it's "Comfort PRO" with gas oil filling or oil "Comfort-Classic".

Which stands are better?

It is difficult to answer this question. Although manufacturers also have quality certificates, very often spare parts for running gear can not provide the declared comfort of movement and the set period of operation. Reviews also do not allow you to understand what is best. Everything depends on the preferences of the car owner. Today, the Prioru is installing a pneumatic suspension.

Priora front suspension

This system can be done by oneself or by contacting the service station. This solution shows itself very well in terms of comfort and reliability.

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