Modern cars are equipped with different typestransmissions. It can be automatic with all the known "torque converter bagel", stepless variator, DSG ("Audi" concern), tiptronic and so on. But no matter how improved gearbox, one of the most reliable is considered to be the classic "mechanics". All domestic cars are equipped with this. The exception is the last generation of "Kalina" and "Vesta" in top-end trim levels, where an automatic transmission is installed. VAZ-2114, regardless of the year of production and configuration, was always equipped with "mechanics". Well, let's look at its device, operating principle and operation features.


A manual transmission serves to transfertorque from the engine to the wheels. It is controlled by a special lever (gearshift). VAZ-2114 is equipped with a classic "five-step", as well as the "Priora", "tens" and other cars of domestic production.


The design of the transmission VAZ-2114 assumes the presence of the following elements:

  • Gear boxes.
  • Shafts. There are several of them. It is primary, secondary and intermediate.
  • Synchronizers.
  • Transfer of reverse. It consists of an additional gear and shaft.
  • The lever of switching of speeds.
  • Carter transmission.
  • Drain and oil filler hole.
  • Stylus and breather.

The gearshift pattern is on the lever.

gearshift lever
As you can see, everything is quite simple and understandable. By the way, the first generations of "Samara" used 4-speed boxes. But now they are rarely to be found. So, let's take a closer look at the design of the VAZ-2114 transmission "Samara-2". All main transmission units are contained in the crankcase. It reliably mounts on the engine of the car. Also there is oil in it. When the gears are in operation, the teeth of the gearbox become very hot. Without lubrication, their life is significantly reduced. Therefore, the crankcase has from two to four liters of oil, depending on the type of car. At the gearbox VAZ-2114 it is recommended to use 3.3 liters of gear lubricant. So, let's continue to study the device. As for the shafts, they operate with the unit, rotate in bearings and have a set of five gears with different gear ratios. In order for each transmission to be switched on clearly and smoothly, synchronizers are provided. They smooth out the impacts from the rotating gears when you turn on a certain speed. The gearshift performs a gearshift lever linked to the link. It is fed directly into the box. Also in the design of the transmission there is a locking device that prevents the automatic shutdown of the transmission and the locking mechanism. It prevents the inclusion of several speeds in the box.

Algorithm of gears

Thanks to these details, perception andTransmission of torque from the engine flywheel further to the wheels. Each gear has a different number of teeth and a gear ratio. With each subsequent transmission, it decreases.

oil in kpp vase 2114
Thus, the lower the gear ratio, the higher the wheel speed. At the same time, the torque decreases. That is, the most severe can be called the first and the rear gear.


As for the latter, its gear ratiois 3.53. The rear speed ensures the rotation of the transmission shaft in the opposite direction. To do this, she needs an additional shaft with a separate gear. As a result, the number of pairs of gears changes to an odd one, and the torque changes its direction. Also this transfer is deprived of the synchronizer - it will not turn on at the speed. The gearbox VAZ-2114 has a gear with an equal gear ratio, which is 0.941. This is the fourth speed. Thus, the secondary shaft of the transmission rotates with the same force as the secondary shaft. That is, the angular velocity of rotation of the two elements is the same. Its motorists call it "direct".

Gear features

The highest torque of the car - onfirst speed. The engine can easily rotate the wheels, but the speed of the car will not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. When this speed is reached, the tachometer needle is usually in the red scale. Therefore, for further movement, it is necessary to switch to a weaker but faster transfer. Then on the third, fourth and so on. All switching must be carried out in sequence. The power of the engine is not enough to confidently disperse the car at 20 kilometers in the third gear. Of course, if it's not a 5-liter V-8.

In our case, this VAZ is the 14th model, and fornormal dynamics of acceleration, you need to consistently switch the speed, reducing the gear ratio. The fastest is the "fifth". Load on the engine here is minimal, hence the low fuel consumption. If the car spends 11-13 liters on the city, then on the road this figure will not exceed seven. But this program has one drawback. It is practically devoid of torque. To gain speed further, the engine will take a long time. Therefore, it is better to use "lowered" for overtaking, in our case this is "direct", fourth speed.

Operation, repair and maintenance

To exclude the repair of the gearbox VAZ-2114,the manufacturer recommends regular oil change. In general, most mechanical transmissions are unattended. That is, the period for replacing the lubricant is the resource of the gearbox itself. But this concerns imported cars. Concerning "Samara" it can be said that for normal operation of the gears it is necessary to change the oil in the gearbox. VAZ 2114 is no exception. The manufacturer allocates a period of 60 thousand kilometers. It is also recommended to change it after a long period of inactivity. For example, after "wintering" the car in the garage or on the street. Unlike motor, transmission oil has a high viscosity. For the car VAZ-2114 it is 80W-85.

protection of the gearbox
If the oil is changed according to the regulations, thisreliable protection of the gearbox from repair. But it also happens that the box starts to hum. In this case, the gears change. Due to wear, the gap between the teeth increases. There is a backlash when rotating, which is accompanied by a buzz. It can be on one or several programs at once. After such repairs, noises in the box disappear. By the way, some motorists use a thicker lubricant to eliminate ghouls. But it is worth remembering that this is only a temporary solution and it will only temporarily postpone the repair of the transmission.

Oil change in manual transmission

To start, you need to prepare the right amountOil and old capacity for "working off". The standard volume for the five-speed boxes is 3.3 liters. The procedure for changing the oil is not difficult, you can do it yourself. It is poured through the dipstick. Preliminary it is recommended to "warm up" the box, so that the oil becomes more liquid (especially in winter). Pre-clean the surface of the drain and fill (as a rule, this is an untwisted dipstick) from dirt. After removing the rubber plug and using a wire, clean the hole itself. We substitute the container for the old oil. It can be made from an unnecessary plastic canister, cutting out its side part with a knife.

gearshift circuit
Next, unscrew the drain bolt and wait until the "run-off" flows.
kpp vases 2114
Usually it is black. Then we tighten the stopper, take out the dipstick and fill the hole with a new oil. You need to pour until the moment it does not pour out of the "hatch." Then twist the throat, start the engine and check for leaks. It is not necessary to tighten the bolts, as it is possible to break the thread in the future. If, after the oil change procedure, the gearshift lever does not stop "kicking" and the transmission hums, then a full diagnosis of the transmission is necessary. Usually these are synchronizers or gears.

How to extend the service life?

To increase the service life of the gearbox,it is necessary not only to regularly change the oil, but also to switch it correctly. Do not pull the gear lever - when moving from the "first" to the "second", stick to small pauses.

repair kpp vases 2114
So you save synchronizers and reducetension on the gears. Regardless of what kind of gearshift you have, do not need to hold your hand on the gear lever for a long time. Some people use it as an armrest. It is not right. Switched speed - let go of the hand. So you delay the repair of the box and eliminate the occurrence of a buzz when driving.


So, we found out the device and the principle of operationmechanical transmission of the car VAZ-2114. Generally speaking, the mechanism of "mechanics" is very reliable - it is difficult to break it. But with untimely oil change and aggressive switching, its life is reduced several times.

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