For more than 100 years, carburettors have dominated theall gasoline cars. With the introduction of injection injection systems, these devices have practically ceased to be improved. But carburetor cars are still coming off the conveyors of domestic automobile plants. And although the volume of their production has decreased significantly, they will continue to be exploited for a very long time. Sometimes they fail, and then repair of Solex-carburetor is necessary.

Typical malfunctions

If the car engine does not start orworks, but quickly stalls, this can be caused by the lack of fuel in the float chamber. Also, the composition of the fuel mixture may be disturbed. If the engine is idling very unstable, there may be several problems.

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This clogging the idling channels, various malfunctions in the functioning of the solenoid valve or control unit. The rubber seal of the quality screw can also be deformed.

High idling speed

If low or very highidling speed, this may be caused by malfunctions in the adjustment or an incorrect level of fuel in the chamber. In addition, air or fuel jets could be clogged. It is also possible in the case of partial opening of the air damper. It is necessary to carry out adjustment, and in some cases also repair of Solex-carburetor.

Poor start-up of the motor and increased consumption

If the cold engine starts badly, then thiscan be a sign of improper adjustment of the trigger. If the air damper is partially closed, this can lead to excessive depletion of the combustible mixture. This phenomenon is caused by the absence of flares in the combustion chambers. Incorrect opening of the damper after the engine is started leads to enrichment of the mixture, as a result of which the engine "chokes".

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Carburetor VAZ "Solex" may require repairor maintenance in the event that a warm engine is started badly. This can be caused by the fact that the combustion chamber receives too rich a mixture, which is caused by a high level of combustible fuel in the float chamber. The reason for this is a malfunctioning or lack of tightness of the fuel valve.

If the car began to consume more fuel,then it can also be caused by a variety of reasons. And often the carburetor requires maintenance. There are many reasons why drivers are forced to constantly adjust this mechanism.

How to care for a carburetor

Elements that are used constantly inmostly do not require regular cleaning. Necessity in this process can arise only if the lever mechanisms that violate the mobility of certain parts are heavily contaminated. Also a sink are engaged, if it is necessary to repair "Solex" carburetor.

For cleaning, kerosene or white spirit is suitable. It is much better and more effective to use special preparations for these purposes. Many of them are also suitable for efficient cleaning of the internal parts of the device without the need for disassembly. It should be noted that the old dirt from the channels will be very difficult to remove.

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For cleaning, it is necessary to remove the air capfilter and the element itself, wipe the inner cavity with rags soaked in kerosene. After washing, it is best to close the neck with a clean rag. The subsequent installation of the carburetor "Solex" back into the car can cause beginners certain difficulties, so you need to work very carefully.

Troubleshooting the Engine

Some breakages can be solved even withoutneed to remove the carburetor. But you need to keep clean, which is very difficult to achieve under the hood. In addition, the device has a large number of small parts - they are very easy to lose. If you need to repair the Solex carburetor, experts recommend not taking any chances, but still removing it from the engine.

How to adjust fuel level

Before you begin the configuration process, it is importantCheck the position of the floats against each other and with respect to the walls of the float chamber. This position is very convenient to check by imprinting the mating surface on the lid lining.

The correct location of the floats - exactlycenters of prints. The lateral surfaces of these should be strictly parallel to the walls of the chamber. In order to change the position of the parts, it is necessary to bend the holders in the desired direction. If they suddenly have damage on the gasket, you can get a print on the new one. For this, the bogie plane is covered with waste oil, and the lid is pressed against the body of the carburettor.

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The lid should take a horizontal position,floats are sent upwards. The support surface of the tongue of the bracket is perpendicular to the axis of the needle valve. If there are violations, then the problem can easily be eliminated with the help of pliers. If the support surface is deformed, the floats are removed and leveled. If the damage is serious, a replacement is required.

To adjust the fuel level, the coverturn so that the floats are looking up, and set it on a horizontal surface. The damper ball should be as much as possible drowned in the valve needle. It is important to monitor the clearances - they should be the same and approximately equal to 0.25 mm. In case of deviation with the help of bending the holders, it is possible to adjust the gap.

How to check the needle valve

To do this, remove the cover of the device. As carefully as possible, not to damage the floats, the lid is placed on a horizontal surface. Next, put a piece of hose on the fitting. After that, the most tightly closing the fuel return element, create a vacuum in the hose with a pear.

Repair kit carburetor "Solex"

In most cases, to repair the mechanismenough pliers. But there are more serious breakdowns, where some pliers will not be enough. If it is necessary to replace the parts, you can purchase special sets in the autoshop, which include all the often broken parts of the carburetor.

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In the repair kit, the car enthusiast will be able to find jetscarburetor "Solex", sprayers for the accelerator pump, gaskets, pulling spring, filter. Also included is a needle valve and rubber gaskets. Today, many counterfeit products. In the automotive markets, there are many spare parts from the Middle Kingdom. It should be extremely careful when choosing and buying the necessary items for repair.

All those who purchased the Chinese repair kit "Solex" carburetor, were very unhappy with the quality of the parts. In addition, the Chinese brothers do not always report everything they need to the kit.

How do I replace parts?

If the repair kit was of high quality, andthe carburetor is disassembled and ready for repair, then the first thing to do is replace the jets, which are responsible for the uniform supply of fuel to the combustion chamber. To twist jets of carburetor "Solex" it is better with hands without superfluous efforts. Then change the air elements.

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The fuel accelerator can not be changed at all. But cleaning it is recommended. Separately, attention should be paid to the fuel filter - it must be thoroughly rinsed and purged with compressed air. Often the element rarely becomes unusable, so these actions are enough. In extreme cases, it can always be replaced. Such a minor repair (carburetor "Solex-21083" is no exception) can be done by oneself without the need to go to the SRT or to specialists.

How to choose the right nozzles yourself

These are special parts in which there areholes for calibration. Through them, fuel and air are dosed. There are air and fuel jets. These details, like no other, affect the appetite of the engine.

On the "Solex" carburetor selection of jets can beto produce by one's own hands. Correctness of actions changes engine performance to more smooth and stable. At the same time, you can save up to 35% of fuel in the city. The first step is to pick up fuel cells, and then you can go to the selection of air. The volume of the engine is of great importance in the choice. It is recommended to use jets with a small cross-section for large-volume motors.

For a more precise and correct choice, there areSpecial tables, which indicate the optimal ratio of fuel and air jets. It is also predicted a mixture and how the car will behave.

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It is very important to pick up jets, but more importantly theirto acquire. If you buy jets on "Solex" carburetor, the price is affordable (200 rubles), but it's not easy to find a suitable option. It is important to know what is behind the figures. It often happens when there are more than one notation on the surface of the parts. For example, the numbers. The first corresponds to the diameter, and the second speaks of performance. For air jets, figures indicate the throughput.

With proper maintenance and repair, thisthe machine will last very long. And if you still need a replacement, then the "Solex" carburetor price is quite affordable. For most car owners, such a device will cost up to a thousand rubles.

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