Often, drivers do not pay attention tocoolant and neglect their replacement. In addition, inexperienced car owners do not have any idea about the antifreeze and often pour into the car is not what you need. And this can significantly affect the performance of the engine as a whole.

antifreeze or antifreeze

Antifreeze is a very important part in the systemcooling of each vehicle. It is also called "antifreeze". But still these two mixtures have slightly different characteristics. Many drivers are wondering what is best to choose - antifreeze or antifreeze. The answers to this question are very ambiguous.

Probably, from the very moment of creation of the cardrivers are still arguing about which fluid is better - antifreeze or antifreeze. Some will say that such a reliable and cheap liquid, as the first, in the world can not be found. Others say that antifreeze is inferior to antifreeze in quality. And someone will say that there is no difference between them.

It is worth saying that such a concept as "antifreeze", "there are only in the CIS countries. And it is produced only in this territory. In general, this fluid was developed in the early 70-ies of the last century and was intended specifically for cars of the brand VAZ. Those who are faced with a choice - antifreeze or antifreeze for VAZ, can safely buy the first option and do not overpay, buying imported analogues. Simply put, for the domestic machine - domestic parts.

But those people who have cars of foreign production, are racking their brains in search of advice on what is better - antifreeze or antifreeze.

antifreeze antifreeze for vases

So how not to make a mistake when choosing? It is worth focusing on the components. Both coolants have a qualitative difference. For example, almost all types of antifreeze have the same basis - ethylene glycol.

Tosol, unlike its foreign counterpart, hasless additives, because of which the cost is slightly lower. This mixture is a silicate that perfectly protects the walls of the cooling channel from corrosion.

Technical characteristics of both mixtures

All cooling fluids differ in theirtemperature parameters, lubricating, and also anticorrosive properties. Unlike antifreeze, imported antifreeze is available in several colors. In car stores you can see all of its colors - blue, red, green, yellow. Choose what you want. But it is worth remembering that these dyes are added to the liquid by the manufacturer not for the beauty and attractiveness of the goods, but for classification according to different parameters. This can be the concentration and temperature of the mixture, as well as much more. So when choosing anti-freezes, you should pay attention to all of its chemical and technical properties.

antifreeze or antifreeze

To choose antifreeze or antifreeze, you decide, of course. But in any case, the correct selection of the product (whether it is a product of domestic or foreign manufacturer) will not hurt the engine. Domestic antifreeze is fully suitable for use on imported cars, and, conversely, our Zhiguli and Muscovites are driving antifreeze at full speed.

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