Despite the fact that the SUV VAZ-2121developed long ago, this car is still very popular. In 1994, the model was replaced by VAZ-21213. Many buy these machines because of their high patency, which may envy some jeeps from famous brands. Others like reliability, unpretentiousness and high maintainability. A simple design and excellent off-road characteristics made it an auto transport for lovers of travel, hunting, fishing and tourism.

The cars "Niva" 211213 are equipped with an engine of 1.7l. It is carburetor, and it is based on the VAZ-2106 motor. There is also a five-speed manual gearbox and a non-contact ignition system. In the power supply system, a carburettor "Solex" 21073 is installed on the "Niva". Many car owners are frightened by carburettors and everything connected with them. But the carburetor is not a verdict. Just need to understand its basic device, ways to adjust and learn how to repair it.


Carburetor Solex 21073, on the Niva 1.7 installed, can be attributed to a group of emulsion devices.

carburettor sollex 21073 for the field
The mechanism is designed to prepare a workingfuel-air mixture. The device consists of two parts - the body and the cover. Also the device consists of a float chamber with the possibility of level balancing. There is an accelerating pump, an economizer, an econostat. In the design there are two fuel chambers and diffusers. They are preparing a combustible mixture. The lid contains fittings, through which gasoline is fed into the carburettor, and excess fuel gets back into the tank. Also in the cover are studs. They serve to fix the air filter. Another lid is equipped with a needle valve for the float chamber, where the fuel level is directly regulated. In the carburetor there is an air damper of mechanical type. It allows you to start the engine "on a cold". In this modification the carburettor "Solex" 21073 on "Niva" 21213 shows very high efficiency. The instrument, with proper adjustment, can provide very high specifications for vehicles with front-wheel drive.

Operating principle

Installed carburetor "Solex" 21073 on the "Niva"It is intended for the preparation of a mixture of fuel and air, as well as its supply to the combustion chambers of the engine. After starting the power unit, the driver closes the flap. This ensures the supply of a rich mixture to the cylinders.

carburettor sollex 21073 for the field repair
Using automatic system adjustmentsprovides an increase in airflow due to the rotation of the throttle. As the engine warms up, the suction is removed. The carburetor starts to work in its main operating mode. Gasoline from the fuel tank is fed to the float chamber by means of a diaphragm pump. The amount of fuel depends on the position of the needle valve. Further, liquid fuel through special channels, which are located in the body of the device, falls into the main jet. Then - into the first mixing chamber. The second camera of the device will be used when the motor starts to work under high load - if the driver sharply presses on the accelerator pedal. When the engine is idling, the solenoid valve is started. Due to this, the motor can work stably. Fuel consumption is reduced.

The float mechanism

Carburetor Solex 21073, on the Nivainstalled, has a float chamber of two sections. They are on either side of the main cameras of the device. The system consists of two floats made of ebonite, which are fixed to the lever.

carburettor sollex 21073 on the field device

The latter swings on the axis, pressed intothe tides of the device cover. The bracket has a tongue. The element through the special ball presses on the needle of the needle valve. The float mechanism serves to adjust the fuel level necessary for the normal operation of the carburetor. Needle valve - non-separable type. It is not repaired. The valve body is mounted on the thread in the carburetor cover. The ball keeps the needle from impact when driving the machine. If the camera is empty (for example, if the driver uses HBO), then the floats will knock.

Main Dosing Systems

The first and second cameras are equipped with diffusers. There is one big and one small element. Together with small diffusers, spraying devices are also made. The latter are connected through channels with emulsion wells, and those are communicated through one channel with the float chamber. To ensure that gasoline comes in certain portions, the bottom in the emulsion wells are the main fuel jets. In these wells there are special tubes. Each of them is equipped with an air jet at the top. The air to them is fed from the neck of the device.

Principle of operation of the main metering chamber

Under the influence of rarefaction arising incylinders of the motor, air is drawn through the filter. Then oxygen is fed into the first chamber. It passes through the diffusers. Due to the fact that the air flow rate has increased, an even greater vacuum is created in the spray zone.

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Under its action, fuel rises fromemulsion well with a nebulizer. At the same time, air passes through the air jet into the emulsion tube and then mixes with the fuel. As a result, an emulsion is formed, which is absorbed at high speed into the channels of the carburetor, where it is connected to the air stream. By this principle, the carburettor "Solex" 21073 on the "Niva" operates. The device may differ depending on the modification. But the principle of operation of systems is approximately the same for all devices.

Idling system

The device is equipped with an idling system. It is designed to allow the motor to run at low speed. At this point, the rarefaction in the diffusers is very small. Fuel can not enter the main dosing system. At idle speed of the engine, fuel is supplied under the throttle valve of the first chamber of the carburetor. There, the rarefaction is strong enough to form a stable combustible mixture.

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The air is fed through the main jet andemulsion well of the first chamber. Then the fuel will go to the fuel jets of idling. After that - mixed with air, which is supplied from the air jet XX. To this element oxygen is fed through a special channel. This scheme of work allows the engine to smooth transition from load to idling and does not allow fuel to flow out of the float chamber.


Carburetor Solex 20173 on the Niva is equipped withan econostat. This device is necessary to enrich the fuel mixture, which is prepared in the second chamber, when the throttle is completely open.


The nodes of the car are not eternal and sometimes comes out ofbuilding an established carburettor "Solex" 21073 on the "Niva". Repair it must start with a diagnosis. Perhaps you can manage with a simple adjustment. So, in the process of working in the carburetor can get solid particles, which as a result is the cause of clogging jets. Low-quality gasoline leads to the formation of deposits on the walls of channels in the device. This significantly reduces their cross section. Breakdown of carburetor systems can be diagnosed by the following symptoms:

  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Difficulties in the process of starting the engine. Reduced power and dynamic characteristics.
  • Unstable work at idle.

In this case, it is necessary to clean the installed carburettor "Solex" 21073 on the "Niva". The adjustment, which will be carried out after this, will allow the device to work again as it should.

How to restore the carburetor?

For repairs, most often have to removedevice with an engine. First, the air filter is removed. Then, fuel pipes, air pipes, wires and cables are removed. then unscrew the fastening nuts.

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Disassemble the carburetor is best on the table, oron another convenient surface. Details should be laid out in some order. This will help not to lose them. The process of adjusting the needle valve is carried out using a special template. To flush the device you must use special fluids. Jiggers for replacement can be purchased at any auto-shops. Often, disassembling and washing the carburetor helps solve a lot of problems.


If the installed carburetor is out of order"Solex" 21073 on "Niva", repair and adjustment help to bring the device to life. Settings allow you to restore optimal modes in which the motor will work as efficiently as possible. The fuel consumption is at the average level. The first thing they do is start and warm up the engine a little. Then it is necessary to dismantle the fuel hose and the cover of the device. The latter is recommended to be removed with extreme caution, so as not to damage the float. Then, using a measuring tool, measure the distance in each of the carburetor chambers. They measure from the landing planes to the edge of the fuel. This size should be about 24 mm. If this distance is less or more, then it is adjusted by the bending of the float. Then you need to start and warm up the motor again. When the level adjustments have been completed successfully, you can proceed to the idling setting.

carburettor sollex 21073 on the field 21213

The engine is muffled. You will need a flat-blade screwdriver and a bit of time to set up. On the sole of the device there is a hole in which there is a screw that regulates the quality of the fuel mixture. It is twisted to the limit. Further from the end position, the same screw is twisted about five turns. Then the motor is turned on. You do not need to use the pump. If you unscrew the screw "quality", then the carburetor will change the engine speed. Then it is twisted again. Rotate is required until the motor's operation is stable and stable. When the engine starts to work quietly, then the element is unscrewed no more than one turn. As a result, idle speed will be set at around 900. If the engine starts to stall, it is better to slightly increase the idling speed.


These are the most basic regulations that will allowfully set the installed carburetor "Solex" 21073 on the "Niva". Reviews about this carburetor are good, and install it not only on the "Niva", but also on other models of front-drive VAZ.

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