In most cases, adjusting the carburetor, ah,in particular, the fuel level in the float chamber is required after the needle valve and the float itself have been replaced. At the initial stage it is necessary to conduct a visual check of the carburettor condition. To do this, the lid is removed and the float is inspected. In working condition, it should easily rotate on the axis, while not touching the walls of the camera. Also, there should not be any dents and holes. The next objects to check are the needle valve seat and the damper ball, which is in the "needle" drilling. When working correctly, the latter must have free movement.

carburettor adjustment
Also, carburetor adjustment assumescheck the distance between the float and the lid lining, it should be 6.5 mm (± 0.25). To do this, it is necessary to lift the cover vertically so that the fuel line connection points upwards. Be sure to check that the tab of the float touches the ball, however, it should not sink it. If the gap does not correspond to the norm, then we begin to gently bend the tongue to the required level. After the work is done, the lid is put in place.

Perhaps carburetor repair will requireadjustment of the throttle valve of the pneumatic drive of the second chamber. Typically, this work is done when the stem is replaced with a diaphragm or actuator. To do this, you need to rotate the throttle so that it rises vertically, after which the pneumatic actuator rod is inserted until it stops pressing it. The adjustment of the ozone carburetor, namely the pneumatic actuator, is that the hole in the stem coincides with the pin of the lever. To do this, loosen the locknut, which is located on the stem, and secure with a hexagonal bushing, then turn or unscrew the stem until it aligns. Then the rod is put on the pin and fixed with a lock washer. The lock nut is tightened on the stem axis.

carburetor repair
Now we turn to adjusting the startingdevice. It is advisable to carry out this operation when replacing the parts of the starting device. With proper operation, pulling the handle of the drive, the flap is completely closed, with the recessed handle - open.
carburetor adjustment ozone
Otherwise, adjustment is necessarycarburetor. To do this, the cable is lubricated and the fixing screw is loosened, after which the end of the cable must be moved to the air damper drive and checked again. Make sure that the air damper is closed, and at the starting device, the end of the rod is at the end of the stem groove, and the rod itself should not move.

After - check the gaps. Throttle valve clearance should be 0.8-0.9 mm, with the air damper to be closed. If it does not comply with the standards, then you need to bend the position control rod. The next gap is the clearance of the air damper (5.5 mm). To check it, it is necessary to manually move the actuator stem into the housing until it stops. You can adjust the size of the gap using the adjusting screw. To do this, unscrew the screw-plug and turn the screw with a screwdriver until the result is achieved. Then the screw-plug is installed into place.

Also carburettor adjustment is required andidling. It is worth to produce it on a warm engine. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to rotate the bushings, if after this the rotation speed did not reach 850 rpm, the screws and bushings are turned off and when the screw rotates, the desired result is achieved. When the car is started and the gas pedal is pressed, the revolutions should be smoothly dialed, and after releasing the pedal it should not go deaf.

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