Tiota Corolla is a light, small coupe that was commissioned in 1983 as part of the last of the fifth-generation rear-wheel-drive cars with front-wheel drive.

Toyota Corolla Levin

The original sale of the car Levin wascomparatively small. This car was known as in racing competitions, and on the streets. Consider the Toyota Corolla Levin characteristics of the machine. It is equipped with a four-cylinder injector engine. Its maximum power is 130 horsepower. And the torque that is in the standard form is 140 nm. The car is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. If you see this car for the first time, then it will most likely make a good impression on you, because it has a rather pleasant sports appearance.

Toyota Corolla Levin AE86
Presence of such characteristics as automatictransmission, alloy wheels and fog lights, distinguishes Toyota Corolla Levin among other cars. This car has a 1.8-liter engine and sports style. Due to such a powerful engine, which additionally has a low weight, the Tyota Corolla, which has a rear-wheel drive, moves rather quickly on the ascent.

In the countries of the rising sun Toyota Corolla Levinbecame very popular, because it is characterized as a sufficiently maneuverable car on mountain roads. Inside the interior the interior looks stern. Tayota Corolla is equipped with a huge steering wheel and comfortable seats. For a timely technical inspection and proper operation it is required to apply a special manual for repair, operation and maintenance of the vehicle, which contains a detailed description of all technical work. What is the difference between this and the best car in its class? If you look at the gearbox, you can see that the car has a slow automatic box. At the same time in Tyot there is a bad grip of tires and a rigid suspension.

Toyota Corolla Levin Specifications

In general, Toyota Corolla Levin is beyond competition forother cars. In exchange for your money, nothing promising you really do not get, except for such a high retail price of thirty thousand dollars. If you do not demand a lot from the car and plan on it trips for shopping or for work, then you can be completely satisfied with such an acquisition. If there is another case, you will be disappointed in many ways. If you look at the assembly, there are no shortcomings in quality. This device Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 has a good appearance. The car is equipped with four airbags, anti-lock system, electric mirrors, electric windows and manual air control. On the panel all devices are equipped with illumination, and on the roof there is an additional hatch that irritates the driver and passengers with increased noise from the street. The high design of the car makes it easy for you. The Toyota Corolla Levin car has a relatively modest price, which is characterized by proven reliability and quality.

So it's up to you to decide all the pros and cons.

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